“Was Gonzaga A Fraud All Along?” is a stupid take

So, I’m scrolling through Twitter earlier today and I see a tweet that was, essentially, “I bought into a fraud with Gonzaga”. I get gut reactions and someone not thinking this one through. We are all guilty of it, but you know me. I try to put things in historical perspective as often as I can. One game be damned. In the basketball world, KenPom has become one of the most relevant sources of, well, relevancy. Their Adjusted Efficiency Measure changed the analytical world enough so that it had a huge impact on Vegas line setting. It is pretty easily … Continue reading “Was Gonzaga A Fraud All Along?” is a stupid take

FCHS Sports Hall Of Fame

*This originally ran in the Wayne County Press a couple months back, but I wanted to run it here as well as I understand the scope of how the feedback machine works in the modern era. Still, buy a damn paper. Talk Resurfaces Of FCHS Hall Of Fame: How I Would Do it by Brian Turner With the recent passing of basketball legend Jed Foster, talk has once again surfaced of finally pulling the trigger on a Fairfield Community High School Sports Hall of Fame. It seems to come up every couple of years before hitting the back burner. It’s … Continue reading FCHS Sports Hall Of Fame