College Football Power Ratings, Preseason

With the college football season just a couple of weeks ago, it it time to release the IAW power ratings. We have switched things up slightly this year. In previous years, the PR number was equalized to where the top team was a 0, and then the teams below had a PR equal to what they would be underdogs by against the top team. This year, we are flipping that to more mirror what people are accustomed to–higher number means better team. The power rating is still equalized relative to the top team, but now the numbers would be subtracted … Continue reading College Football Power Ratings, Preseason

National Title Odds and Returning Production

The calendar turns to July, which just brings us one month closer to the return of college football. I know, I know. I’ll wait for you to wipe away the tears of anticipation. Betting odds are up for the national title, with all the usual suspects. Top 10, via Draftkings Team Odds 1 Alabama +225 2 Clemson +300 3 Ohio St +400 4 Oklahoma +650 5 Georgia +700 6 Iowa St +2800 7 LSU +4000 7 Texas A&M +4000 7 Florida +4000 10 Texas +5000 One of the first things I look at when looking at preseason futures (usually win … Continue reading National Title Odds and Returning Production

Ball Five: If I Were Sports Czar…

*This originally ran in the Wayne County Press. Buy a damn paper. Just about every Dick Schapp wannabe out there has a “If I ruled the sports world” column. Well, here is mine. In a world where I can make any changes to any sport with unilateral autonomy, my priority list would include: DH In Both MLB Leagues I really thought we had this done last year. Anyone trying to preach No DH is doing it out of nostalgia, not a love of strategy. “But it makes it more interesting to manage”. Shut up, ’82. No it doesn’t. You just … Continue reading Ball Five: If I Were Sports Czar…

“Was Gonzaga A Fraud All Along?” is a stupid take

So, I’m scrolling through Twitter earlier today and I see a tweet that was, essentially, “I bought into a fraud with Gonzaga”. I get gut reactions and someone not thinking this one through. We are all guilty of it, but you know me. I try to put things in historical perspective as often as I can. One game be damned. In the basketball world, KenPom has become one of the most relevant sources of, well, relevancy. Their Adjusted Efficiency Measure changed the analytical world enough so that it had a huge impact on Vegas line setting. It is pretty easily … Continue reading “Was Gonzaga A Fraud All Along?” is a stupid take