Explicit Memories and Baseball WAR: Or, Why Rickey is My GOAT.

They say kids can start forming memories at around the two-year mark, but explicit memories don’t start forming until around seven. Explicit memories are the ones that require conscious recall. Implicit are mostly unconscious, emotional recollections, not what we as adults (adult-ish) think of when we talk about memories. I find myself stumbling across this info while also reading a new biography by Howard Bryant on my childhood favorite baseball player, Rickey Henderson. So, with that in mind, I headed over to Baseball-Reference to see who were the best players by WAR I have actual explicit memories of watching, or…players … Continue reading Explicit Memories and Baseball WAR: Or, Why Rickey is My GOAT.

Branch on Fire: Peerless Double Oak Bourbon

Peerless has only been a distillery in its current iteration since 2015, located in downtown Louisville. But they quickly made a name for themselves when their Rye started winning awards in 2017. The rye has been the flagship since, by and large. Enter Peerless Double Oak. Double Oak means exactly what you would think it means, it gets taken from one fresh oak cask, after aging, and put into another fresh oak cask for more aging. The idea being that new wood provides more flavor. It is a concept that is getting more and more popular, although I will admit … Continue reading Branch on Fire: Peerless Double Oak Bourbon

Book Nook: The Chowderhead Crusades, by JJ Walsh

Ready Player One is one of my favorite books. I tell people it is not one of the best written, but it is one of my favorites. It sits in my wheelhouse. So, when I saw Patton Oswalt, one of my favorite comedian/actors tweet that he did the audible reading for a book hailed as “Ready Player One for comic book nerds”, I thought…okay, wheelhouse me galore. The Chowderhead Crusades is written by JJ Walsh and is set in the not-too-distant future. The setup is basically the same as Ready Player One. The world has collapsed, and for largely believable … Continue reading Book Nook: The Chowderhead Crusades, by JJ Walsh

A Few Moments Of Introspection

Part of Brett Bartholomew’s Conscious Coaching is starting with a little introspection. You can’t lead others until you know who and what you are. Brett covers many tools available for this: the Cliffton Strengthsfinder test, the Meyers-Briggs type indicator, the Hogan assessments, Insights Discovery and the DiSC assessments profile. Several of those are a paid service, and rightfully should be as lots of hours went into developing them and turning them into a useful tool. They are likely worth the money to someone truly on the path of self knowledge. Well, call me self-knowledge curious, as I explore some of … Continue reading A Few Moments Of Introspection

Illinois Jumps From 30th To 15th In States For Business Ranking

A ranking of America’s Top States For Business was recently updated for 2021, and Illinois has climbed from 30th to 15th in the last two years. CNBC’s rankings score all 50 states across 85 different metrics, and then divides those up into broader categories. The methodology is here. When the rankings were released for 2019, Illinois ranked 30th. Since then, Illinois has improved: five spots in cost of doing business, 15 spots in infrastructure, two spots in access to capital, 23 spots in education, and one spot in cost of living. Illinois has dipped in economy, business friendliness and technology. … Continue reading Illinois Jumps From 30th To 15th In States For Business Ranking