Kaizen: Oct. 12-18, 2020

Well. I did a thing last week. After training at home on my own almost exclusively for nearly two years now, and a year or so with some consistency, I signed back up at Main Street Gym. I trained at Main Street for a few years, back from 2006-20010(ish). Back when I was competing in powerlifting regularly and had training partners. Before I built the home gym in 2010 and before Crossfit. My gym at home has pretty much everything I need to train. I’ve got a power rack, horse stall mats, two benches, two barbells, a full dumbbell rack … Continue reading Kaizen: Oct. 12-18, 2020

DraftKings Lineup Week 6

Here is what I’m playing this week. The highest predicted team score of the week is the Minnesota Vikings, with 28.5, against Atlanta. I’m skipping over Kirk Cousins this week, however, and going with three lineups with three quarterbacks from that next tier down in Vegas totals, two from the same game. Cash Game Lineup QB Ryan Tannehill vs. Texans $5,900 RB Derrick Henry vs. Texans $7,300 RB Alexander Mattison vs. Falcons $7,200 WR Adam Thielen vs. Falcons $7,300 WR Terry McLaurin vs. Giants $5,700 WR AJ Brown vs. Texans $5,600 TE Irv Smith Jr. vs. Falcons $2,500 FLEX Jonathon … Continue reading DraftKings Lineup Week 6

The Politics of Pandemic Relief: A podcast

I’m not a huge fan of the NY Times, mostly due to Stenographer-In-Chief Haberman as well as their puff pieces along the order of “Are All Nazis Bad?” But, I still listen to The Daily, a (ahem) daily podcast typically built around one topic and spanning on average 30 minutes. Today’s episode covered the politics of the back-and-forth between the first and a possible second stimulus package. It covers the popularity and effectiveness of the first one (ignoring the long term ramifications), the hold up on the second, the additional federal supplement, the farce of the recent executive orders, and … Continue reading The Politics of Pandemic Relief: A podcast

DraftKings Lineup Week 5

Here is what I’m playing this week. Reminder, I play mostly cash games. There are three games with a Vegas total of 54 or higher this week, so much of this week’s success is going to be picking the correct one of those three to stack in all likelihood. QB Patrick Mahomes vs. Raiders $7,700 RB Josh Jacobs vs. Chiefs $6,300 RB David Johnson vs. Jaguars $5,200 WR Tyreek Hill vs. Raiders $6,900 WR Darius Slayton vs. Cowboys $4,800 WR Brandin Cooks vs. Jaguars $4,100 TE Darren Waller vs. Raiders $5,900 FLEX Kareem Hunt vs. Colts $6,500 DEF Texans vs. … Continue reading DraftKings Lineup Week 5