Tulsa Time, New Year’s Style

“My baby said I was crazy. My mama called me lazy. I was gonna show ’em all this time, ’cause you know I ain’t no foolin’ and I don’t need no more schoolin’, I was born to just walk the … Continue reading Tulsa Time, New Year’s Style

Book Nook: Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain

I never actually watched No Reservation. I’m probably about as snobby as it gets and having not seen that show. So, I have only been tangentially aware of the aura of Anthony Bourdain. But after grabbing John Currence’s book over the summer, and knowing their friendship, I decided to correct a long overdue miss in my reading repertoire–the book that put Bourdain on the map: Kitchen Confidential. Kitchen Confidential is now 22 years old, and after Bourdain’s suicide a few years back, this was a posthumous introduction for me. I did the audiobook, read by the author. I love listening … Continue reading Book Nook: Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain

The Truffle Shuffle–Virtual Style

I’ve said it before, but this last year has been the year we learned how to interact with people over videoconferencing, almost exclusively. At times, that has absolutlely sucked. But it has also led to some new ways to enjoy things I never would have before. Like, a virtual chocolate truffle tasting. This one was set up by my employers and featured a small business from New England called Chocolate Therapy, run by married couple Pam and David Griffin. They sent out tasting kits to those who signed up, including everything we needed for the tasting. The kit included all … Continue reading The Truffle Shuffle–Virtual Style