Back In The Kitchen, Where I Belong

My wife likes to joke that I lured her in with my cooking. At least, I think she is joking. I use to cook quite often. But a promotion last year ate up a lot of free time (which led to eating out more often). This happened right before we got married. She stepped up, cooking more often than I did for the first year of our marriage. It wasn’t like that before we got married. Now that I’m free more evenings, I’m trying to step my game up once again. So, that means, hopefully, you will be seeing more … Continue reading Back In The Kitchen, Where I Belong

Smoked Chicken

We use to grab rotisserie chickens quite often, but have been buying whole chickens and cooking them in the Instapot mostly lately. We are able to get more meat that way, generally. But, I was able to get off work a little early and decided to smoke the one we grabbed this weekend. It was on the smaller side, and only took 2 1/2 hours to get to 165 degrees. I then threw it in the cast iron skillet and flash broiled it a couple minutes to crisp up the skin. I have a propane cabinet smoker, and I went … Continue reading Smoked Chicken