Nine Realms…of Awesomeness

Or something like that. When I started training with Luke Ahlfield, he mentioned wanting to do a garage fitness challenge called Nine Realms…because we are nerds who dost thou hoist. Who doesn’t love a little Norse mythology in their lifting? … Continue reading Nine Realms…of Awesomeness

Dear Future Self

This week’s episode of Brett Bartholomew’s Things Your Future Self Will Thank You For. It is the thought exercise used often that is simply, what do you believe you can do now that will pay off in the future. It’s something I’ve contemplated, but never actually committed to paper, or, digital paper. 4. Stop being a dick when people disagree with you. It’s okay to have differences. Don’t be a dick when you do. That doesn’t mean avoiding debate. You learn from debate and having differences, but I default to “dick mode” when I do way too often. 5. Actually … Continue reading Dear Future Self

Book Nook: Why We Get Sick, by Benjamin Bikman

I wrote about a while back about the pandemic before the pandemic–obesity and type 2 diabetes. Why We Get Sick by Benjamin Bikman covers the root cause of much of this–insulin sensitivity. Insulin Sensitivity has been linked to many health issues, ranging from alzheimers, cancer and diabetes all the way down to skin tags and everything in between. Seriously–fatty liver, infertility, menstrual issues, Professor Bikman covers in detail the list of all the issues linked to insulin sensitivity, as well as what causes it and then briefly concludes with what to do about it. Our healthcare system is excellent at … Continue reading Book Nook: Why We Get Sick, by Benjamin Bikman

Book Nook: Caffeine, by Michael Pollan

Let’s be honest here. Most of us do drugs. Well, one drug specifically–caffeine. Caffeine has been used regularly for centuries now, and Michael Pollan decided it was time to take a look at the history and try to explore some of the ramifications of our developed addiction to those little plants–coffee and tea. Pollan is most notably known for The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Cooked, the latter of which still sits on my coffee table in my stack of books to get to. Caffeine was a shorter Audible recording, focused solely on one aspect of our diets that has played a … Continue reading Book Nook: Caffeine, by Michael Pollan

Book Nook: Rebuilt 2.0, by Joe DeFranco

This is only sort of a book by my reading log standards, but my list, my rules, right? I’ve been training heavy for quite a long time now, training mostly 5/3/1 the last few years. As I plug along through my Masters I years in competitions, that means, well, it means I’m constantly battling some sort of ding. Ankle arthritis/gout, knee pain/possible meniscus tear, shoulder pain/possible rotator cuff, elbow tendinitis. At this point in my career, I’m lucky to have never had a major injury, but the nagging ones have piled up. So, as I drove to a game a … Continue reading Book Nook: Rebuilt 2.0, by Joe DeFranco