2022 NFL Draft Bets

There was a long time I completely nerded out on the NFL draft. I was in a dynasty league that required it to be competitive. Since that league folded a few years back, coupled with years of ineptitude by Raiders’ drafters, I don’t dive all in on the draft as much as I use to. But that doesn’t stop me from firing bets off. Where would be the fun in that. I won’t have time to break down these, but did want to post my running log of NFL draft bets. These have been placed over the last couple of … Continue reading 2022 NFL Draft Bets

College Basketball Power Ratings: The Field Of 68

The field is set. All 68 teams know their matchups. So, here are the IAW power ratings for all of the teams who saw their names called tonight. 1 Gonzaga Zags 100.0 2 Arizona Wildcats 95.9 3 Houston Cougars 94.9 4 Kansas Jayhawks 94.4 5 Tennessee Volunteers 94.4 6 Kentucky Wildcats 94.3 7 Baylor Bears 94.1 8 Iowa Hawkeyes 93.5 9 Auburn Tigers 93.2 10 Texas Tech Red Raiders 93.0 11 Duke Blue Devils 92.9 12 UCLA Bruins 92.9 13 Purdue Boilermakers 92.6 14 Villanova Wildcats 92.2 15 Illinois Illini 90.2 16 Arkansas Razorbacks 89.7 17 Connecticut Huskies 89.4 18 … Continue reading College Basketball Power Ratings: The Field Of 68

College Basketball Power Ratings

With conference tournament weekends in full swing, I’m finally getting to some power ratings for men’s college basketball. To recap, the are spread equalized. So to figure a spread, subtract one team’s power rating from the another and then adjust for any home court, which won’t be often from this point on. Starting with a top 40 today. I will circle back around next week with an update for the tournament field. 1 Gonzaga Zags 100.0 2 Arizona Wildcats 95.1 3 Kentucky Wildcats 95.1 4 Houston Cougars 94.3 5 Duke Blue Devils 94.1 6 Baylor Bears 94.1 7 Iowa Hawkeyes … Continue reading College Basketball Power Ratings

Super Bowl Bets

I’m starting to lock in some of my Super Bowls, so I figured it was a good time to start this thread. I always put my picks into the Action Network app for all sports, but figured the Super Bowl was worth a seperate blog post as well. So, happy hunting. Futures Bet Rams +210. Made this bet before the semifinals. This was a free bet max bet, so nothing lost if they lose. Total U10 1Q -170. Super Bowls tend to start slow, but 10 is a key number, so I took the juiced up number here. There are … Continue reading Super Bowl Bets