A Look Back At Take The Points’ Division Bets

In the preseason, the four members of Take The Points each picked a Best Bet for each division in the NFL. One bet per division, could be any future bet–player totals, wins, awards, etc. There were some short odds and some long odds, a good mix. With the end of the regular season, it was time to look back and see how we did. The advantage of being the guy with the blog is I get to post them when I did well. If you clicked on this post, you probably already knew I did, or they may not have … Continue reading A Look Back At Take The Points’ Division Bets

2022 NFL Draft Bets

There was a long time I completely nerded out on the NFL draft. I was in a dynasty league that required it to be competitive. Since that league folded a few years back, coupled with years of ineptitude by Raiders’ drafters, I don’t dive all in on the draft as much as I use to. But that doesn’t stop me from firing bets off. Where would be the fun in that. I won’t have time to break down these, but did want to post my running log of NFL draft bets. These have been placed over the last couple of … Continue reading 2022 NFL Draft Bets