I know I’m a couple years behind on this one, but I just finished off season two of Mindhunter, on Netflix. Mindhunter is an FBI serial (see what I did there?) drama about the Behavioral Science Unit’s beginnings, starring King George and your Uncle Ted, the one who went to trade school after leaving the Coast Guard and wears short sleeve button ups with ties. You remember, Uncle Ted. The infinitely more interesting part of the show was the cadre of serial killers weaved in and out–from the Co-Ed Killer to Manson and Watson to Berkowitcz to Speck to BTK. … Continue reading Mindhunter

Netflix’ Brews Brothers: Quirky, But Right In My Wheelhouse

Quarantine time has obviously meant a lot of binge TV watching. The latest one for me, consumed mostly over this last weekend was Brew Brothers, a Netflix original about two distinct brothers trying to run a brewery together. Estanged since a childhood beer contest went awry, the two beermaking brothers, Wilhelm and Adam wind up working together again after Wilhelm (Alan Aisenberg) started a brewery and then floundered before hipster-ish, and whole-heartedly pretentious Adam (Mike Castle) brings his honed skills to the foray. What ensues of the eight-episode arc is hijinx, shenanigans, and plenty of scenes that make you do … Continue reading Netflix’ Brews Brothers: Quirky, But Right In My Wheelhouse

I suggest you let this one marinate.

I know I’m late to the party, and this is just between us girls, but Letterkenny is freaking hilarious. I just plowed through all six seasons. Letterkenny is a Canadian import centered around the everyday lives of Wayne, Daryl, Squirrely Dan and Katy, and their friends in a small town. They are Canadian hicks. Basically, Fairfield with accents. And that’s what I appreciates about it. It kind of consumes you as much as you consume it. To the point whereupon starting to watch the show, it pretty much takes over how you speak. When you meet other Letterkenny watchers, you … Continue reading I suggest you let this one marinate.