Take The Points–July 1, 2022

Here is this week’s Take The Points, featuring Bruce and myself. We take a look at NBA free agency, the Big Ten going to LA and some MLB talk. Remember, Take The Points…fade the picks. Twitter Handles Bruce DickeyWeezLucas VaughanJamey … Continue reading Take The Points–July 1, 2022

Book Nook: Hagakure, by Yamamota Tsunetomo

I’ve been reading a few classics this year (Frankenstein, Evangeline, etc.) Those were not as “classic” as Hagakure, by age standards. Hagakure was written in the early 18th by Yamamota Tsunetomo, a retainer to a Japanese ruler. Hagakure is a book on the way of the samurai, written largely in peace time and often opining for the days of war, when samurai were real samurai. See, nothing is at time honored as complaining the current generation is softer than ever. It has existed since the dawn of time. Tsunetomo’s commentaries were collected by another man, Tashiro Tsuramoto and turned into … Continue reading Book Nook: Hagakure, by Yamamota Tsunetomo