Fab Five Friday–June 10, 2022

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to. Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway–Dooley’s Farm Live video below. The album version has Billy Strings if you are a fan of him. Arlo McKinley–Stealing Dark From The Night Sky Eric Roebuck–Crazy … Continue reading Fab Five Friday–June 10, 2022

Our Fourth Anniversary

Today is Sarah and I’s fourth anniversary of our wedding. Four years won’t seem long to a lot of people, but to someone who had convinced himself that day would never come, he wasn’t worthy anyway, or even believe in the concept, I’m all for celebrating each day now, no matter if they are the first, the 1460th or the whatever. I’ve long struggled with self-doubt and feeling worthy of most things, covered up nicely with a hefty dose of false bravado and easy-goingness. I’m still pretty sure she deserves better, but I’ll be damned if I’m not trying to … Continue reading Our Fourth Anniversary

The Most Important Person In Movies Over The Last 50 Years

A few days back, I put out a call on both Facebook and Twitter, asking for people to tell me who they think the most important person to the movie industry has been over the last 50 years. I had mine in mind, but wanted to see both what others thought, and see just how clever I was being because I suspected mine would not be a top name selected. I got some excellent suggestions. Some that even had me questioning my pick. Here were some of the better suggestions: George Lucas (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.) Reed Hastings (Netflix … Continue reading The Most Important Person In Movies Over The Last 50 Years

Writer’s Writers, The Music Edition

I have a pretty set listening habit I go through daily. I listen to one chapter of an audiobook, then rate five new songs, then spend the rest of the day on podcasts. So. Many. Podcasts. All at 2x, which drives my wife nuts. The one exception to this daily habit, however, is when I’m writing lengthier pieces for the paper. Tonight’s example: a preview of the Lady Mules volleyball season. I can write gamer’s or process pictures and listen to podcasts or new music about any time, but when I need to get into a creative zone, I either … Continue reading Writer’s Writers, The Music Edition