Worth A Read: Mereba–Dodging The Devil

I’m not quite sure where to file Spoken Word stuff here, other than occasionally in the “shit I like” pile. I consider it mostly like podcasts and audiobooks, I call it reading, not listening for some reason. I’m not sure if that is old school, curmudgeon or what. I also refuse to ponder it too long. Consume, enjoy, properly ponder, learn, move on. I’ve posted about my love for Tiny Desk before. Last week, Mereba was on there. I had no familiarity, but I tend to listen to every new episode TD puts out. Walking out in an isolated area, … Continue reading Worth A Read: Mereba–Dodging The Devil

A Glimpse Of Misguided Political Punditry and How It Can Shape Policy

I would assume most people who would read this have no clue who is John Solomon is. I didn’t either until the impeachment hearings last week. Solomon, a journalist for The Hill recently, and Fox News currently, it turns out has most likely played a key role in the conspiracy-peddling at the center of much of Trumpican missteps of late. That work is not under scrutiny since his named popped up a few times in testimony. The folks over at Politifact have an in-depth look at who he is and how he became a key player. It’s worth the read, … Continue reading A Glimpse Of Misguided Political Punditry and How It Can Shape Policy

Dead Man’s Creek

Driving down the blacktopDown near Dead Man’s Creek.Where the timbers shiverIn the cold wind of November. Just past the old airport roadBut the planes left this dying townA long, long time ago.And no one blames them anymore. The strip hasn’t been used in years For anything but a petulant party pad Away from the prying eyesOf parental supervision The gaze we used to hateThinking it was holding us backOnly years later did we learnedTo appreciate the guide For we were youngWe were recklessBut in the ways You are supposed to be Until the day Timmy disappearedInto the bottom of the … Continue reading Dead Man’s Creek

Will Leitch Weighs In On Deadspin

Having gone to school at Eastern Illinois University in the late 90s, early 2000s, and working sports for the local Charleston radio station, Will Leitch popped up on my radar early in his career. Before “the break” with Deadspin. We orbited the same circles at just slightly different paths in Coles County. Will had ambition and pursued it. He caught his break nationally in 2005. That was the same year I found my home covering local sports here in Fairfield, after working for three radio stations, a TV station and my hometown paper for a spell throughout college and shortly … Continue reading Will Leitch Weighs In On Deadspin

Worth The Read: No Depression on The Highwomen Formation

I subscribe to No Depression magazine, which comes out quarterly with a hard copy. I rarely get to read them cover-to-cover, but if nothing else, their covers serve as fantastic art work generally. Over at their website this week, they have a story on the formation of the Highwomen, which for those who have been paying attention know I am rooting for so, so much. I am 100 percent behind this. The album came out last week. I have given it a few casual listens, but not rated it yet. I was already a huge fan of Amanda Shires and … Continue reading Worth The Read: No Depression on The Highwomen Formation