College Football Week 3 Spreads

Last week, the system managed to go 25-19, despite a 1-9 start on Saturday’s games. That moves us to 47-43 overall. This week’s spreads are late to post, But I promise they were completed before the Friday games last night. I was 1-2 on those three anyway, with no bets on any of the three. Away RTG Home RTG HFA IAW Vegas North Carolina 26.8 Wake Forest 28.8 2.86 -0.9 -3 Kansas 45.1 Boston College 28.5 2.27 -18.9 -21 Washington St 19.0 Houston 32.0 2 11.0 9 Ohio St 8.9 Indiana 25.5 2.14 14.5 16.5 Kansas St 25.8 Miss St. … Continue reading College Football Week 3 Spreads

Take The Points 8-15-19

Time for the weekly edition of Take The Points on Wabash Catch TV, airing Friday mornings on Wabash and live on Youtube. On the show this week were Bruce, Jamey, Lucas and Weez. This week’s show:0:00–Intro/Community Events/National Holidays15:55–Local sports gambling options coming online, including the new sportsbook at the Tropicana Evansville. 25:30–SEC season win total over/unders39:30–Big 10 season win totals52:40–MLB talk SEC Over/Under Picks SEC East Bruce Jamey Weez Lucas Vanderbilt 4.5 Under Under Under Under Kentucky 6.5 Over Under Under Under Tennessee 6.5 Over Over Over Over South Carolina 5.5 Over Over Under Over Missouri 8.5 Under Under Over … Continue reading Take The Points 8-15-19