So, I Finally Returned To Powerlifting…It Went Well

I have not done a competitive powerlift competition since the summer of 2016. In between then and now, I got in the worst shape of my life. So, I went into 2020 with the intention of getting back into lifting heavy, while also taking some weight off. It is hard to serve those two masters at the same time, unless you were as detrained as I was. 13 months ago, I tested my maxes. While weighing 267 pounds, I squatted 320, benched 215 and deadlifted 320 pounds. So, a total of 855. I’ve had meets in the past where that … Continue reading So, I Finally Returned To Powerlifting…It Went Well

Kaizen: Oct. 12-18, 2020

Well. I did a thing last week. After training at home on my own almost exclusively for nearly two years now, and a year or so with some consistency, I signed back up at Main Street Gym. I trained at Main Street for a few years, back from 2006-20010(ish). Back when I was competing in powerlifting regularly and had training partners. Before I built the home gym in 2010 and before Crossfit. My gym at home has pretty much everything I need to train. I’ve got a power rack, horse stall mats, two benches, two barbells, a full dumbbell rack … Continue reading Kaizen: Oct. 12-18, 2020