The Literate Nerd Merit Badge: What Is The Required Reading?

I finished reading Alan Moore’s Watchmen tonight. I’m finally getting around to reading Frank Herbert’s Dune, listening to the audiobook version of it before watching the new movie. Doing two classics at the same time got me wondering. What are the books every self-professed nerd would be required to read to earn a Boy Scouts-style Literate Nerd Merit Badge? Because I would probably include both of these. Others have published their lists for similar concepts. But I wanted to throw mine out into the multiverse as well. This is the essential, universal list that is required reading for graduation at … Continue reading The Literate Nerd Merit Badge: What Is The Required Reading?

Interesting Air: Fab Five Friday

A local yokel columnist opined a while back there was no good music being made anymore. In an arena full of misinformation, that was somehow one of the more fatuous claims made in some time. There is plenty of great music still getting pumped out regularly. And with the plethora of mediums available these days, one could argue that more than ever. But like many times in the past, the best new music rarely makes it to the airwaves of whatever local station is in your area. Luckily, there is an entire world beyond those restrictions these days. The key … Continue reading Interesting Air: Fab Five Friday