Book Nook: Rebuilt 2.0, by Joe DeFranco

This is only sort of a book by my reading log standards, but my list, my rules, right? I’ve been training heavy for quite a long time now, training mostly 5/3/1 the last few years. As I plug along through my Masters I years in competitions, that means, well, it means I’m constantly battling some sort of ding. Ankle arthritis/gout, knee pain/possible meniscus tear, shoulder pain/possible rotator cuff, elbow tendinitis. At this point in my career, I’m lucky to have never had a major injury, but the nagging ones have piled up. So, as I drove to a game a … Continue reading Book Nook: Rebuilt 2.0, by Joe DeFranco

Gym Motivation–The Video Series

I’m a sucker for loud, bumping music when I lift. Anyone who sees my instagram videos knows that. The music varies from rock to pop to hip hop. As long as it bumps, grooves or soars. Or as Tommy Haverford would say, “Is it a banger?” But I’ve also become a fan of a particular youtube genre for my workouts. No, not that one. I’m talking about the gym motivation super clips. The videos of speeches, workouts, inspiring images all spliced together. Guys yelling loudly about their success and how they achieved it. I’ll admit. I’m a sucker for them. … Continue reading Gym Motivation–The Video Series

The Rogue Legends Series: Looking At The Early Days Of The Strongman

Rogue Fitness put out a series of documentaries on Youtube back in 2017, taking a look at some of the early days of strongman and fitness pioneers. I am a guy who still buys old 50s and 60s strength magazines and books, so it really is kind of surprising it took me four years after their release to start the series. I didn’t even know about them until I was doing some research on Louis Cyr. Episode 1: Eugen Sandow Sandow is probably best known these days as the guy the Mr. Olympia Statue is named after. Early strongman was … Continue reading The Rogue Legends Series: Looking At The Early Days Of The Strongman