Record Store Day Haul

Earlier this week, I posted my wish list for the special releases that were coming out for Black Friday’s Record Store Day. With the Mules’ schedule for the Capital Classic, I was a little concerned because I could not go until mid afternoon. Luckily, Record Cellar in Vincennes had nearly everything I was looking for. Of my list of six, Rick still had five of them. The only one he didn’t get in was the Steep Canyon Rangers. All in all, a good haul. Continue reading Record Store Day Haul

College Football Power Ratings Week 14

Between the Macbook biting the dust and travel by both me and my boss in consecutive weeks, it has been about a month since I was last able to update my power ratings for college football. The holiday week allowed me to finally get them updated this week. This is my first update since the Tua injury, and Alabama slides down to number four in my rankings. That is probably a spot or two higher than most, as I’m giving credit to Nick Saban to be smart enough to negate some of the dropoff through game plan. I think his … Continue reading College Football Power Ratings Week 14

Let’s Get Reel: The Irishman

I have a Thanksgiving tradition. Every year, I rewatch The Last Waltz, Martin Scorsese’s look at the final concert of The Band, Thanksgiving 1978. It is my favorite concert of all time. Well, I broke tradition this year, partly out of necessity and partly out of “oh look, something new and shiny”. I digitized my DVD collection a couple years ago, and don’t even have a DVD connected in my house any more. And my Macbook is still down, so I don’t have access to my movie library, because it is on a Mac-formatted external drive. Luckily, Scorcese has something … Continue reading Let’s Get Reel: The Irishman

Black Friday, My Way

Black Friday is just a few days away. And no, I’m not a guy who goes and stands in line for hours in the morning anymore. I did that in my youth, and often joke I made lifelong friends standing in line at Best Buy in the late 90s. But, I do have a routine for Black Friday. That is the opening day of the Capital Classic in Lawrenceville. The Mules always play in the morning and in the evening. In between, I head to Vincennes. I used to call it my Black Friday Trinity–Record Cellar, Geek Boom, Vincennes Brewing … Continue reading Black Friday, My Way

A Glimpse Of Misguided Political Punditry and How It Can Shape Policy

I would assume most people who would read this have no clue who is John Solomon is. I didn’t either until the impeachment hearings last week. Solomon, a journalist for The Hill recently, and Fox News currently, it turns out has most likely played a key role in the conspiracy-peddling at the center of much of Trumpican missteps of late. That work is not under scrutiny since his named popped up a few times in testimony. The folks over at Politifact have an in-depth look at who he is and how he became a key player. It’s worth the read, … Continue reading A Glimpse Of Misguided Political Punditry and How It Can Shape Policy

Dead Man’s Creek

Driving down the blacktopDown near Dead Man’s Creek.Where the timbers shiverIn the cold wind of November. Just past the old airport roadBut the planes left this dying townA long, long time ago.And no one blames them anymore. The strip hasn’t been used in years For anything but a petulant party pad Away from the prying eyesOf parental supervision The gaze we used to hateThinking it was holding us backOnly years later did we learnedTo appreciate the guide For we were youngWe were recklessBut in the ways You are supposed to be Until the day Timmy disappearedInto the bottom of the … Continue reading Dead Man’s Creek