Black Friday, My Way

Black Friday is just a few days away. And no, I’m not a guy who goes and stands in line for hours in the morning anymore. I did that in my youth, and often joke I made lifelong friends standing in line at Best Buy in the late 90s.

But, I do have a routine for Black Friday. That is the opening day of the Capital Classic in Lawrenceville. The Mules always play in the morning and in the evening. In between, I head to Vincennes. I used to call it my Black Friday Trinity–Record Cellar, Geek Boom, Vincennes Brewing Company. Only, Geek Boom, a comic book store, shut down this year.

Record Cellar is still on the list, as Friday is an annual Black Friday Record Store Day, with exclusives coming out on that day. I always sit down and make a list of priority purchases. So, this morning I set down to look at what I’d like to get, and rank them my my priority.

So, here is my list:

Hank Williams: The 1940 Recordings
Some of the earliest recordings of Hank.
Brothers Osborne–Live At The Ryman (2xLP)
Two discs from The Church, from one of the better pop-ish country bands out there right now.
Dr. John–Babylon
His second album, released 40 years later.
Nick Lowe & Wilco–Cruel To Be Kind (40th Anniversary)
Features the ACL performance on the B Side. Limited relase.
Steep Canyon Rangers–North Carolina Songbook
Features the Merlefest tribute to North Carolina songwriters.
Lou Reed: The Raven
Lou doing Edgar Allan Poe short stories and poems.

Last year I went blues heavy on Black Friday. This year looks to be country, alt-rock heavy. My strategy is to grab from the top of my list until I hit my budget. And then generally one or two more beyond my budget, because I have no discipline.

After grabbing my vinyl, I then head just a couple blocks west to Vincennes Brewing, who this year managed to get a couple kegs of Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout, released on Black Friday every year. I’ve had every vintage since 2012. This year will not be an exception. I always have to rely on friends for the variants, however. Never had any luck with those in Vincennes.


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