Fab Five Friday–Feb. 14, 2020

Yeah, it is Valentine’s Day, but more importantly, it is Fab Five Friday Day! Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to. The Grand Scheme–Hold On To Your Bag ft. Aloe Blacc Let’s funk it up to start this … Continue reading Fab Five Friday–Feb. 14, 2020

Football Season Is Over, Long Live Football Season (An XFL Primer)

The NFL season ended Sunday with the Chiefs win over San Francisco, but thanks to the stubbornness of Vince McMahon, football season is nigh. Nigh, I say, as the XFL reboot is set to begin this weekend. There are just enough known names from my dynasty football consumption and just enough rules differences, most of which are a step in the direction I would like to take football, to make the league interesting. Plus, you know, the whole St. Louis Battlehawks thing. Yay Local Team! Eight Teams The XFL will feature eight teams in two divisions. The East: St. Louis … Continue reading Football Season Is Over, Long Live Football Season (An XFL Primer)

Super Bowl Day

The Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday in the Weez household. Food, drink, friends. I still think the day after the Super Bowl should be a federal holiday. As should Election Day, but that is a whole other topic of discussion. My Super Bowl day started at 3:45 a.m., firing up the smoker for 16 pounds of pulled pork. We have a KC sweet and smokey sauce to add if the guest would lime. Take note: pulled pork is a meat, not a soup. Add the sauce after. There will also be SF sourdough grilled cheeses, completing the balance. I … Continue reading Super Bowl Day