Super Bowl Day

The Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday in the Weez household. Food, drink, friends. I still think the day after the Super Bowl should be a federal holiday. As should Election Day, but that is a whole other topic of discussion.

My Super Bowl day started at 3:45 a.m., firing up the smoker for 16 pounds of pulled pork.

We have a KC sweet and smokey sauce to add if the guest would lime. Take note: pulled pork is a meat, not a soup. Add the sauce after.

There will also be SF sourdough grilled cheeses, completing the balance. I like to fix one food from each city represented. It is so nice to not be making clam chowder this year.


The beer list will have to be uploaded later. Bottle sharing usually occurs. There is no actual gameplay here yet.

We did set up a Moscow mule station however.

Starting with a KC beer
Closest I had to a SF beer right now.
Keeping up with the Dickeys.
In honor of offensive line play, which i assume was invented in Iowa.
On to whiskey.


Here are the bets I have placed:

Danny Sorenson Over 5.5 total tackles Win
Shortest Touchdown Over 1.5 yards Loss
Largest Lead in the Game Under 14.5 Win
Total Players With a Pass Attempt Under 2.5 Win
No 2 Point Conversion Attempt Win
Total Chiefs To Have A Rushing Attempt Under 4.5 Loss
Chiefs ML +100 Win

Squares: A7, N6. A5, N3.

Game Pick

I think the Chiefs are the better overall team. They are #2 in DVOA. The 49ers are #5. Footballoutsiders gives the Chiefs a 57.4 percent chance to win the game. 538 has them at 63 and Sagarin has them at 55. Slight favorites in all three. They have the better QB. San Francisco has the most exploitable matchup, however, with the #13 rush offense in DVOA against the #29 rush defense.

That has kept me from outright betting the Chiefs, despite picking them to win as a 1-point favorite. I was hoping to catch plus money on SF pregame, then fire a live moneyline bet at the Chiefs if they ever hit plus money live. This should be a game with a couple lead changes. Live betting is the way to go. Unfortunately, I did not jump on SF early enough and that moneyline number has come down, making it not worth betting pregame now.


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