The Pink Press…Almost Didn’t Change My Life

Flashback time: January 2005. Just over 16 years ago. I’m standing underneath the basket in the North Clay gymnasium, covering an MTC Tournament game. I’m pretty sure Cisne was one of the teams playing at the time. And some creepy … Continue reading The Pink Press…Almost Didn’t Change My Life

Book Nook: Agent 355

Written by Marie Benedict and released last summer, Agent 355 is a revolutionary war era tale that is essentially a What if Pride and Prejudice was a spycraft story, in short story form. An Audible original, narrated by Emily Ranking, Agent 355 follows the story of Elizabeth Morris, an angsty teen with the misfortune of being born to British loyalist. This does not sit well with her and she does something about it. And that something is taking advantage of the fact men of that era did not take women’s intellect seriously and exploit that fact to become a spy. … Continue reading Book Nook: Agent 355