Fab Five Friday–Feb. 12, 2021

Here are this week’s five songs worth listening to. Valentine’s Weekend Edition.

I’m going to take a week off from new music this week, at the suggestion of my buddy Bruce, who says a Valentine’s edition is in order. Not a bad idea, Bruce. Not bad at all.

In fact, earlier in the week, his wife Dodie had asked me to contribute a voice record Valentin’s request for WNOI’s Valentine’s show. I spent some time trying to come up with something they would or could play, didn’t come up with anything, then forgot. Sorry Dodie.

I’m a playlist guy. We all know that at this point. So, for this week, I decided to head over to my Adventures Of Brian & Sarah playlist (Spotify link) and just pick five songs I’ve added to it in the last year. The list started as a road trip list (I think the Baltimore trip). It literally starts with Ryan Bingham’s Adventures of You & Me. Then I populated it mostly with bands we had seen together. Then songs I liked she could tolerate, and some she liked I could tolerate. Then some that just made me think of her. You know how it goes. It has become my default list for our various road trips.

Anyway, here are five songs I’ve added this year. A couple of them have been featured here before.

Kolton Moore and the Clever Few–Mine All Mine (Revisited)

Piano, acoustic guitar, incredible vocals and a song about a girl. Check. It’s not lyrically complicated or clever, but it doesn’t have to be to hit you in the feels sometimes.

Reckless Kelly–Lost Inside The Groove

This is the one you put on and dance in the kitchen, or on the hardwood floors. Sarah hates it when I dance, mostly because I can’t. But if you need someone to twist and contort awkwardly with absolutely no rhyme or rhythm, then I am the guy for you. Luckily, Sarah tolerates it. Anyway, here is a groovy song about a girl.

Old 97s–I Like You Better

I like you better than a six pack of beer
When that’s perfect amount to make my vision unclear
But nowhere near enough that I don’t think about you
And if I toss I few back that’s all I’m gonna do
So I’m fine if the tallboys all disappear
‘Cause I like you better
Than beer


Josh Abbott Band–Little More You

Listen. Cheesy songs didn’t work for me a few years ago. They do now. Catchy hooks and nostalgia work for Valentines, right? Anyway, here is a song about the good times growing older with a girl.

Muscadine Bloodline–Burn It At Both Ends

I wrote a while back that much of the Muscadine Bloodline fell flat for me, despite some really good highlights as well. Well, they put out several Reimagined version of those songs, and I enjoyed the stripped down versions of a couple much more. This is one of those. It actually turned into a pretty damn good road trip song, and this is a playlist about my favorite road trip partner after all. Anyway, here is a song about a sixer of shiner…and a girl.

We’ll be back with five more next week. Until then, remember the immortal words…
“Songs are really just interesting things to be doing with the air.” Tom Waits


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