A Look Back At Take The Points’ Division Bets

In the preseason, the four members of Take The Points each picked a Best Bet for each division in the NFL. One bet per division, could be any future bet–player totals, wins, awards, etc. There were some short odds and some long odds, a good mix.

With the end of the regular season, it was time to look back and see how we did.

The advantage of being the guy with the blog is I get to post them when I did well. If you clicked on this post, you probably already knew I did, or they may not have been a post (kidding, or am I?)

Green means won. Red is going to depend on how your book graded division ties. Three teams went 7-10 in the NFL South. And blue was a push on the Chargers, who won 10 games. Obviously the awards picks can not be graded yet, but I don’t think any have a chance.

I almost went perfect in the NFC. Tom Brady got me by 49 yards, playing a series too long in a meaningless week 18 game.

All in all 11-of-29 not counting tiebreaker/push calls, with four of the 11 at plus-money.


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