A Few Moments Of Introspection

Part of Brett Bartholomew’s Conscious Coaching is starting with a little introspection. You can’t lead others until you know who and what you are. Brett covers many tools available for this: the Cliffton Strengthsfinder test, the Meyers-Briggs type indicator, the Hogan assessments, Insights Discovery and the DiSC assessments profile. Several of those are a paid service, and rightfully should be as lots of hours went into developing them and turning them into a useful tool. They are likely worth the money to someone truly on the path of self knowledge. Well, call me self-knowledge curious, as I explore some of … Continue reading A Few Moments Of Introspection

2021 Goals Review and Looking at 2022

I’m not a big fan of the new year’s resolutions, but I am a fan of goals. And I happen to set them at the beginning of each year. So…yeah, anyway. First, a review of some of the goals I had in 2021. Read 21 Book–Check. Read 23 books. Adding an audible subscription helped in this regard. Pay off my credit card debt–Check. I have been carrying way too much debt for way too many years. Stemming back to my dumb and single years. I attacked it finally this year, and had zero credit card debt as of October. I’m … Continue reading 2021 Goals Review and Looking at 2022

Election Day Is Nigh

It has all led to this. Four years of whatever you consider this last four years to be. Most years, we would have a nearly concrete idea Tuesday evening who our next president is going to be. But as we have heard a million times in 2020, these are not normal times. So, let’s take a look at where we stand and what we can expect on Election Day. First, let’s start with National polling averages. 538 has Biden 53.4, Trump 45.4.Realclearpolitics has Biden 50.7, Trump 44.0.NYT Upshot just lists Biden +8. But, as we saw in 2016, National averages … Continue reading Election Day Is Nigh

Good Days With A Woman In Need Of Pity

Sarah and I have slightly different sleep schedules. She goes to bed well before me most nights. I’m usually up until 11 or so. Thanks, sports, Twitter and west coast fandom. And since starting the morning classes for MovelevATe at 5:30 a.m., she is up before me most mornings. But every now and then, we get a morning where we both have time to wake up and spend some time together in bed. A few minutes where both of our entire mornings lie entirely within those four walls. A morning where the world doesn’t exist for a few minutes. Not … Continue reading Good Days With A Woman In Need Of Pity

Songs You Would Like To See Become Movies

I was listening to Robert Earl Keen’s The Road Goes On Forever again today and it got me thinking. We have had several songs become full length movies in the past. What songs are out there that weren’t already movies would you like to see get made. I’m talking in the vain of Ode To Billy Joe, Harper Valley PTA, Alice’s Restaurant, Convoy, etc. Also, I still need to see The Indian Runner, based on Highway Patrolman. The Road Goes On Forever would make my list, of course. I have previously discussed with a few the need for a movie … Continue reading Songs You Would Like To See Become Movies