Take The Points–July 1, 2022

Here is this week’s Take The Points, featuring Bruce and myself. We take a look at NBA free agency, the Big Ten going to LA and some MLB talk. Remember, Take The Points…fade the picks. Twitter Handles Bruce DickeyWeezLucas VaughanJamey … Continue reading Take The Points–July 1, 2022

Thanks for nothing, Nebraska

Big Ten football is a cluster*&^).Simple as that. Ohio State was the league’s lone legitimate playoff contender. They have paused activities this week. Michigan, the team Ohio State has to have play if they want to get enough games to get in? Yeah, they paused activities too. Could Harbaugh save his job by sticking it to Ohio State and refuse to play? A lackluster stint in the Blue and Maize would become legendary for all of the wrong reasons. Minnesota has shut down after 40 positive test in 10 days. Northwestern will likely clinch a West title with the Minnesota … Continue reading Thanks for nothing, Nebraska

Big Ten Football Spreads

Here are my preseason spreads for every Big Ten game, based on my preseason power ratings, in which Illinois in nearly a touchdown favorite four times. They could get to five wins and buy Lovie another year. They should be 3-0 when I make the trek north for the Nebraska game. Let’s hope I don’t tailgate enough I forget I’m suppose to be cheering for the home team. It has happened before. Sorry Clark. And if Michigan does not get Ohio State this year, they probably won’t under Jim Harbaugh. Ohio State has the better schedule, but that season finale … Continue reading Big Ten Football Spreads