What Song Makes You Feel Confident?

Do you have a song you go to when you are down, or in need of courage boost? That one that just makes you feel better about yourself? Often, these are attached to a memory from when you accomplished something cool, or was with someone who made you feel confident. Mine is Eminem’s ‘Til I Collapse, release in 2002. ‘Til I Collapse has been my heavy squat song pretty much since it came out. And the power cage with a bar on my back is my comfort zone. It’s one of the few areas I know I can be successful, … Continue reading What Song Makes You Feel Confident?

NFL Confidence Pools/Survivor Pick

Here are the confidence pool rankings for this week’s NFL slate. The one ranking I am a little leery of is New Orleans at home against Tampa. The Bucs have been the better team, but I’m sticking with the Saints on this only because the defense/home field. 15 New England 14 at Philadelphia 13 at Kansas City 12 at LA Chargers 11 Chicago 10 Minnesota 9 at Houston 8 at Carolina 7 at San Francisco 6 Baltimore 5 at Dallas 4 at Cincinnati 3 at New Orleans 2 at Tennessee 1 at Seattle Lot of folks got knocked out in … Continue reading NFL Confidence Pools/Survivor Pick

NFL Confidence Pool/Survivor Picks

15 Chargers 14 Rams 13 Patriots 12 Ravens 11 Colts 10 Chiefs 9 Seahawks 8 Texans 7 Falcons 6 Steelers 5 Packers 4 Broncos 3 Giants 2 Cowboys 1 Vikings For Survivor, it’s a “pick on the Dolphins” week again, as I’m taking the Chargers, even if the West Coast/11 a.m. kickoff thing is not ideal. I’m starting to think the Dolphins are going to be the team that eliminates the most Survivor players at some point this season, I just hope it is not this week. Continue reading NFL Confidence Pool/Survivor Picks

NFL Confidence Pools/Survivor Week 3

Here are this week’s NFL Confidence Pool rankings for straight-up pick ’em confidence pools 16 at New England 15 at Dallas 14 at Minnesota 13 at Green Bay 12 at Tampa Bay 11 at San Francisco 10 at Philadelphia 9 at Buffalo 8 at Kansas City 7 at Seattle 6 Chicago 5 at LA Chargers 4 at Arizona 3 Tennessee 2 at Indianapolis 1 LA Rams Priority rankings for survivor pools, depending on who you have already used would go like this: Dallas>New England>Minnesota>Green Bay>San Francisco>Tampa. I only say Dallas over New England because of future value. If you are … Continue reading NFL Confidence Pools/Survivor Week 3

NFL Confidence/Survivor Pools Week 2

Here are this week’s confidence pool rankings. Hit the upset pick I called last week, and the other possibility mentioned (Green Bay) also came through. 16 New England 15 Baltimore 14 Houston 13 Kansas City 12 Carolina 11 Dallas 10 Pittsburgh 9 Tennessee 8 Green Bay 7 Cleveland 6 Chicago 5 LA Rams 4 LA Chargers 3 Cincinnati 2 Buffalo 1 Philadelphia Survivor Pools Had to get a second half rally from Philadelphia last week to stay alive in my survivor pool. This week, I’m rolling with Baltimore, who will probably be the second most popular this week behind New … Continue reading NFL Confidence/Survivor Pools Week 2