NFL Confidence Pools/Survivor Week 3

Here are this week’s NFL Confidence Pool rankings for straight-up pick ’em confidence pools

16at New England
15at Dallas
14at Minnesota
13at Green Bay
12at Tampa Bay
11at San Francisco
10at Philadelphia
9at Buffalo
8at Kansas City
7at Seattle
5at LA Chargers
4at Arizona
2at Indianapolis
1LA Rams

Priority rankings for survivor pools, depending on who you have already used would go like this: Dallas>New England>Minnesota>Green Bay>San Francisco>Tampa. I only say Dallas over New England because of future value. If you are in a large pool and want to differentiate, Minnesota may not be a bad fork in the road to take against Oakland, despite Kirk Cousins and all that goes with that. Tampa has the least future value of the top tier, if you really feel frisky.


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