Book Nook: The Sandman Part I, by Neil Gaiman

Based on Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel series by the same name, this is an audiobook performance of the story of Morpheus, the dream king of the DC world. And it is a performance, not a reading. The Sandman is a full-on production, led by James McAvoy as the titular Morpheus. This was Part I of a series. Part I covers the accidental capture of Lord Morpheus centuries ago, and follows the ramifications of that event, both in the real world and in the dream world where he once reigned and desperately needs to again. The actual story jumps around quite … Continue reading Book Nook: The Sandman Part I, by Neil Gaiman

Let’s Get Reel: The Batman

I am unabashedly Team Marvel in the Marvel vs. DC battle. But in the way I like chocolate with my peanut butter slightly more than peanut butter with my chocolate. I’m not going to put one brand down to lift the other up. It honestly has never been a better time to be a nerd and I’m all for it in whatever flavor that comes in. As for the Batman franchise specifically, I’m also firmly on the Bale/Nolan series as my favorite among the film realm. Now that the disclaimers are all out of the way, I was able to … Continue reading Let’s Get Reel: The Batman

Spurred By New Series: A Watchmen (movie) Rewatch

Back when the Watchmen movie came out in 2009, I wasn’t really into comics much yet. I grew up on baseball cards, not comics. In college, I got into some of the darker comics from Image and Caliber and such. The Crow, Spawn, etc. Still, when Watchmen came along, I went to the theater to watch it. I even did a midnight showing for this back when they were a thing. I had not read the comic series before seeing the movie. I’m not sure if it was the late night, or the beers with supper before hand, but I … Continue reading Spurred By New Series: A Watchmen (movie) Rewatch