Book Nook: The Sandman Part I, by Neil Gaiman

Based on Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel series by the same name, this is an audiobook performance of the story of Morpheus, the dream king of the DC world. And it is a performance, not a reading. The Sandman is a full-on production, led by James McAvoy as the titular Morpheus. This was Part I of a series.

Part I covers the accidental capture of Lord Morpheus centuries ago, and follows the ramifications of that event, both in the real world and in the dream world where he once reigned and desperately needs to again.

The actual story jumps around quite a bit, fitting for a comic series than spun multiple threads. The ending of act 1 falls a little convoluted as it seems completely disconnected from the rest of the story. For those who aren’t comic of DC fans, The Sandman still works, as it barely even references the rest of the DC world, let alone interact with any of it outside of one chapter with John Constantine.

The enjoyment of this book comes more from the immersive nature of the recording. This was a professionally done soundscape with sound effects, music, and a multitude of cast members weaving in and out. Kat Dennings plays Morpheus’ sister, Death. Taron Egerton appears as Constantin, and a litany of other special guests give this recording a professionalism not seen in many other audiobooks. That includes Gaiman as the narrator too. It is 11 hours of immersion into a world, not just reading words from pages.

Overall, I’ll probably eventually get to Part II, but I’m also not in a huge rush to do so, if that gives you an idea of where I landed on it. There is nothing wrong with it, and I enjoyed it, but there is a wide world of books out there and I don’t need to dive more into this world immediately. I’m sure I’ll revisit at some point though. Probably. Maybe.

There is a Netflix series on the horizon. I will absolutely watch that.

2022 Reading Log


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