College Football Power Ratings, Preseason

With the college football season just a couple of weeks ago, it it time to release the IAW power ratings. We have switched things up slightly this year. In previous years, the PR number was equalized to where the top team was a 0, and then the teams below had a PR equal to what they would be underdogs by against the top team. This year, we are flipping that to more mirror what people are accustomed to–higher number means better team. The power rating is still equalized relative to the top team, but now the numbers would be subtracted … Continue reading College Football Power Ratings, Preseason

Charles Schwab Challenge Bets

I meant to get this posted last night, but got to hanging out with a friend until fairly late, ironically enough at the local golf course. The Charles Schwab this year feels big. It’s not most years, but it serves as a benchmark this year as the return of sports continues to trickle along. It gives this tournament somewhat of a Major feel. I even considered putting together a Pick 5 group like we often do for Majors. That being said, I have some action on the tournament this weekend. Most of these are off the board already. Sorry about … Continue reading Charles Schwab Challenge Bets

Super Bowl Day

The Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday in the Weez household. Food, drink, friends. I still think the day after the Super Bowl should be a federal holiday. As should Election Day, but that is a whole other topic of discussion. My Super Bowl day started at 3:45 a.m., firing up the smoker for 16 pounds of pulled pork. We have a KC sweet and smokey sauce to add if the guest would lime. Take note: pulled pork is a meat, not a soup. Add the sauce after. There will also be SF sourdough grilled cheeses, completing the balance. I … Continue reading Super Bowl Day

Week 3 Betting Log

MLB 9/10: LA Dodgers -294 Win9/11: NY Yankees -222 Win9/12: NY Yankees -263 Win9/12: LA Dodgers -227 Win9/12: St. Louis -182 Win9/12: Chicago White Sox -200 Loss9/14: NY Yankees -256 Win9/14: Houston -312 Win9/14: Chi Cubs -270 Win9/14: St. Louis -204 Loss9/14: San Francisco -213 Loss9/14: Minnesota -182 Win9/16: Minnesota -2389/16: Oakland -2949/16: Arizona -204 NFL 9/15: Miami +20.5 Loss9/15: Baltimore/Arizona U47 Win9/15: Teaser Detroit +8.5/Denver +8.5 Win9/15: ML Parlay Seattle/Indianapolis 5.9/1 Win9/16: NY Jets +7.59/16: L. Bell Under 72.5 rushing yards9/16: N. Chubb Over 83.5 rushing yards9/16: J. Crowder Over 49.5 receiving yards Time to talk a little money … Continue reading Week 3 Betting Log

Week 2 Betting Log

I’m still toying with how I want to track my bets here. Under each sport isn’t really working, as I venture out from time to time to stuff I’m not writing on. So, I’m thinking rolling weekly posts, until i change my mind. What that in mind, I’m going to go back to what I have placed this week, plus what I have coming up. MLB 9/3: Chicago Cubs -245 Win9/3: Atlanta -205 Win9/3: Tampa Bay -260 Loss9/3: Cleveland -280 Loss9/3: NY Yankees -280 Win9/3: LA Dodgers -280 Win9/3: St. Louis -270 Win9/4: Cleveland -278 Win9/4: Kansas City -213 Win9/4: … Continue reading Week 2 Betting Log

NFL Season Win Totals

On last night’s Take The Points, we went over NFL season win totals for each team, with each of us picking over or under the number. AFC North Wins Weez Bruce Jamey Lucas Baltimore 8 Over Over Under Over Cincinnati 5.5 Over Under Under Under Cleveland 9 Under Over Under Under Pittsburgh 9 Over Over Over Under AFC West Denver 7 Under Under Under Under Kansas City 10.5 Over Over Over Over Los Angeles 10 Over Over Over Under Oakland 6 Under Under Under Under AFC East Buffalo 7.5 Under Under Over Over Miami 4.5 Under Under Under Under New … Continue reading NFL Season Win Totals

College Football Week 2 Spreads

Got off to an 18-22 start overall, IAW spreads vs. Vegas spreads, including the games that were virtual ties tenths of points off. After a five-day opening weekend, we have games just on Friday and Saturday this week. Can we stop and appreciate that Illinois is a 20-point favorite on the road. It has been a couple decades since that happened. Also, the last time we had a favorite as big as Alabama is this week (-55), Florida State covered. Week 2 Friday RTG Home RTG HFA IAW Vegas Wake Forest 29.1 Rice 51.0 3 18.9 18 Marshall 31.7 Boise … Continue reading College Football Week 2 Spreads

NFL Confidence Pools Week 1

For those of you who do NFL confidence pick ’em pools, I’m going to list these weekly here. I prefer the confidence pool over the straight pick ’em. I would love to get into an ATS pool, but don’t have any of those available locally. Here are the safe pick rankings. Safe wins smaller pools. Pick Confidence at Philadelphia 16 at Seattle 15 at Dallas 14 at New Orleans 13 Baltimore 12 at LA Chargers 11 at Cleveland 10 at New England 9 at Minnesota 8 Kansas City 7 at Chicago 6 at NY Jets 5 Detroit 4 LA Rams … Continue reading NFL Confidence Pools Week 1

CFB Week One–Saturday

With the start of high school sports this week, I am running behind, so this post will be rolled out in phases today, starting with the noon game. After a 1-4 start Thursday, my ratings went 6-2 ATS on the Friday slate. I had only one actual bet last night, Wisconsin -10.5. They won by 49 in the Jonathan Taylor Heisman campaign launch. Saturday RTG Home RTG HFA IAW Vegas Florida Atlantic 34.65 Ohio St 11.15 2.17 -25.67 -27.5 South Alabama 53.31 Nebraska 21.18 1.48 -33.61 -35.5 East Carolina 43.81 NC State 26.58 2.88 -20.11 -17.5 Akron 50.69 Illinois 35.81 … Continue reading CFB Week One–Saturday