College Football Week 1–Friday Slate

Here are the IAW spreads for Friday’s games in week 1. The pick I like the most on this slate is Wisconsin -10.5 on the road. They should be able to get the lead early enough and then ride Taylor to a double-digit win. They return a ton, except for up front on offense, but the Badgers tend to be a reload team at o-line, not a rebuild one. That Utah St-Wake Forest game has some interest, as Utah St has one of the better non-Power 5 quarterbacks in Jordan Love, who NFL teams are high on. Problem is, he … Continue reading College Football Week 1–Friday Slate

College Football, Week 1, Thursday Slate

Well, week 0 did not disappoint, with two fun games. Hawaii pulled off the double-digit upset in week 0 for the second straight year, despite four interceptions and benching their starting quarterback. And that all came after Miami covered against Florida in a low-scoring affair, something we warned of. My projections wound up splitting against the spread. Week one brings our first Thursday games. I kind of like Texas State to backdoor cover in a game more important to them than Texas A&M. I like UCLA to be improved in year two of Chip Kelly and think that game is … Continue reading College Football, Week 1, Thursday Slate

ACC Football Spread Predictions

Here are the predicted spreads for every ACC football game, based on my preseason power ratings. In the Atlantic, national frontrunner looks like they will be a two-touchdown favorite in every regular season game of the year, and would be as well in any version of an ACC championship. The race is for second, where I have Florida State regrouping in Willie Taggert’s second year. Over in the Coastal Division, Miami hosts Virginia Tech in week five and Virginia in week six, giving them a slight edge in the conference race. Those are the next two teams in my power … Continue reading ACC Football Spread Predictions

Big Ten Football Spreads

Here are my preseason spreads for every Big Ten game, based on my preseason power ratings, in which Illinois in nearly a touchdown favorite four times. They could get to five wins and buy Lovie another year. They should be 3-0 when I make the trek north for the Nebraska game. Let’s hope I don’t tailgate enough I forget I’m suppose to be cheering for the home team. It has happened before. Sorry Clark. And if Michigan does not get Ohio State this year, they probably won’t under Jim Harbaugh. Ohio State has the better schedule, but that season finale … Continue reading Big Ten Football Spreads

SEC Season Spread Projections

With the preseason power ratings out of the way, time to move on to looking at schedules and spreads. Going conference for conference, it only make sense to start with the SEC. This table includes each team’s power rating, the opponent’s power rating, a home-field advantage figure and then the predicted spread for each game based on all of the above. The spread record is not an actual win-loss guess. It just counts games favored as a win and games as an underdog as a loss. There are much more intricate percentage chance of wins formulas that spit out more … Continue reading SEC Season Spread Projections

Take The Points 8-2-19

As some of you may know, Wabash Catch TV does a weekly sports talk show in the Friday morning slot of Big Talk with Bruce Dickey. I am a mostly regular guest on the show. We put zero show prep work into it, we shoot it live, we typically decide during commercial breaks what we are going to talk about next (sorry Bruce, probably wasn’t supposed to admit that), and I thoroughly enjoy it every time. Just a few buddies sitting around jibbering and jaberring about what ever comes to mind. This week’s show:Community events–2:11National Holidays–Ice Cream Sandwich, IPA Day, … Continue reading Take The Points 8-2-19