Covid-19? More Like CoFit-19

I’m part of a health and fitness Facebook group my friend Kathy Book started a while back. It is a good community, full of recipes, workouts, interesting articles, questions, community, encouragement, and all that razzmajazz that helps one stay on the right path. Earlier today, Kathy posed the question–What is in your Coronovirus workout playlist? Well, my inner nerddom alarm started blaring. Music plus working out, with a theme? Yep, I’m in. I quickly thought of about 10 in the first 30 seconds. I started to post some videos in her post, but quickly knew “Weez, this needs to be … Continue reading Covid-19? More Like CoFit-19

“I Guess The Party Ended”–Robert Earl Keen Walks The Floor

Chris Shiflett was a pleasant surprise for me a couple years ago. Not in a “who is this guy”. He plays in Foo Fighters, one of the biggest bands in the world, after all. No, the surprise was “this guy is legit in the Americana world” way. Chris has a podcast called Walking The Floor, borrowing from Earnest Tubbs. He has awesome guest on a regular basis, a regular Who’s Who of the music world I tend to make my’s ears’ habitat. This was was no exception (the correct use, Darrelle Revis), with the venerable Robert Earl Keene joining Chris … Continue reading “I Guess The Party Ended”–Robert Earl Keen Walks The Floor

Playlist of the Week: Rural Noir

Back in the old days when was worth visiting, there was this man. Well, a legend of sorts. His screen name was Reggie Dunlop. If IHSS had a Hall of Fame, he would be first ballot. Truly some of the best message board posts you can find on a site dedicated to the athletic pursuits of the youth, that had nothing to do with the athletic pursuits of of the youth. Reggie was the IHSS Superman. In Clark Kent form, Reggie is Jeff. Jeff is a connoisseur of the rustic life, both the bucolic and the desolate. Especially the … Continue reading Playlist of the Week: Rural Noir

Happy Birthday Tom awaits

I call my Best Of list Interesting Air, based on a Tom Waits quote. Dude is just a cool cat. Even the stuff he puts out I don’t love, I appreciate. Well, Mr. Waits is 70 today. Born Dec. 7, 1949, Waits pairs an eclectic folk-blues van guarded with his gravel voice. And incredible song writing. I still say the best example of just how outside-the-box he is, is his 1978 performance on Austin City Limits. Yeah, the same year i was born. It is still one of my favorites, and i don’t need much of an excuse to watch … Continue reading Happy Birthday Tom awaits

Playlist of the Week: Acceptable Christmas Music

Now that we are through Thanksgiving, ya’ll are legally allowed to focus on Christmas. Those of you who jumped the gun, shame on you. Shame. And that now includes Christmas music. I’ll let you have the next few weeks, but just know I do this my own way. Frolicking through the snow, jingling of bells and blah, blah. All that ain’t me. As I was recently told, “it was a cute movie, you would hate it.”. I’ve been up front with depressing music consoling me in some sort of twisted way. So yeah, my Christmas music list might be a … Continue reading Playlist of the Week: Acceptable Christmas Music

Interesting Air: Playlist of the Week–Going Back To Cali

I’ve been kicking around the idea of posting one playlist a week to supplement the Friday music posts. With a trip to California on deck and my weekly Friday post in jeopardy due to that trip, I decided now is as good a time as ever. The playlist is the modern blogger’s version of the mixtape. And yeah, I was the kid with blank cassettes trying to time the record button to the radio, hoping the DJ didn’t talk over the intro. Most weeks will be a Spotify list. That is the majority of my music consumption. I may experiment … Continue reading Interesting Air: Playlist of the Week–Going Back To Cali