Interesting Air: Five Songs To Make You A Fan Of American Aquarium

American Aquarium is playing at Off Broadway in St. Louis tonight. One of my favorite bands in my favorite concert bar in St. Louis, so yeah, I’ll be there tonight. American Aquarium is a band I feel like I kind of grew up with. Not in childhood grew up, but in maturity and life phases grew up. Lead singer BJ Barnham has undergone a transformation of sorts in his career. When BJ the songwriter was partying, I was partying. And I say “as the songwriter” to not be too presumptive, but a good chunk of his music does come across … Continue reading Interesting Air: Five Songs To Make You A Fan Of American Aquarium

Interesting Air: Fab Five Friday

A local yokel columnist opined a while back there was no good music being made anymore. In an arena full of misinformation, that was somehow one of the more fatuous claims made in some time. There is plenty of great music still getting pumped out regularly. And with the plethora of mediums available these days, one could argue that more than ever. But like many times in the past, the best new music rarely makes it to the airwaves of whatever local station is in your area. Luckily, there is an entire world beyond those restrictions these days. The key … Continue reading Interesting Air: Fab Five Friday

Interesting Air: My Boy Has A New Album

Not my literal boy. I’m still too selfish for that. But, My Boy! Who? C’mon. If I’m going to sling tunes on this site, you know I’m starting with Tyler Childers. His live stuff has floated around for years. His 2017 album, Purgatory, was the best album of 2017, and I will probably fight you if you try to tell me otherwise. Seriously, protect your larynx if you come at me with that garbage. I kid, maybe. I mean, Feathered Indian was the couple’s first dance at my wedding, so, maybe not. On Friday, his second official studio album, Country … Continue reading Interesting Air: My Boy Has A New Album