Poem: Comfortless

By Edgar A. Guest As found in Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book I found him underneath a tree“And what is wrong,” quoth I,“That you so solemn seem to beUnder this summer sky?” “The birds above you gayly sing,The wildflowers brightly bloom,What is this awful, horrid thingWhich seeks to seal your doom?” Round the children romp and play,The gentle breezes blow,Sad stranger, tell to me I prayThe burden of your woe. “I do not see the sunbeams dance,Nor hear the birds,” said he.“There’s something faulty with my stance,I can’t get off the tee.” “All day I’ve shanked my mashie shot,My putts … Continue reading Poem: Comfortless

A New Star Delivers A New Entry In the Poetry Pantheon On Inauguration Day

Just last week, I went back and re-read Maya Angelou’s And Still I Rise. I can’t remember why. It was referenced in something I was reading or watching or listening to, I just can’t remember what at this point. I even included it in my 2021 reading log. It’s always good to go back and read the great works as a reminder that some things transcend time or events. And as of today, we have a new entry in this pantheon, and I almost missed it. I watched President Joe Biden’s speech, but a good chunk of the day, the … Continue reading A New Star Delivers A New Entry In the Poetry Pantheon On Inauguration Day

Worth A Read: Mereba–Dodging The Devil

I’m not quite sure where to file Spoken Word stuff here, other than occasionally in the “shit I like” pile. I consider it mostly like podcasts and audiobooks, I call it reading, not listening for some reason. I’m not sure if that is old school, curmudgeon or what. I also refuse to ponder it too long. Consume, enjoy, properly ponder, learn, move on. I’ve posted about my love for Tiny Desk before. Last week, Mereba was on there. I had no familiarity, but I tend to listen to every new episode TD puts out. Walking out in an isolated area, … Continue reading Worth A Read: Mereba–Dodging The Devil