Worth A Read: Mereba–Dodging The Devil

I’m not quite sure where to file Spoken Word stuff here, other than occasionally in the “shit I like” pile. I consider it mostly like podcasts and audiobooks, I call it reading, not listening for some reason. I’m not sure if that is old school, curmudgeon or what. I also refuse to ponder it too long. Consume, enjoy, properly ponder, learn, move on.

I’ve posted about my love for Tiny Desk before. Last week, Mereba was on there. I had no familiarity, but I tend to listen to every new episode TD puts out. Walking out in an isolated area, the third track in her performance was a spoken word recital called Dodging The Devil. It’s a hell of a poem, and worth both the read and the listen.

You stuck dodging the Devil the older you get
Youth grants grace, growth grants grit
With that grit comes this known opposition, like addictions, evictions, convictions, lost visions, love riddled with truths hidden, world trippin'
Shit's just glitchin', man."
Here come the Devil, talking to you with a smile and shovel, ready to bury you and your lil' hustle
And give some bills and a brand new muzzle
The piece of peace that your perfect would release into the world would be a poison to the Devil
So every chance is taken to take your light, and sell it back to the sky, and for twice as high
You're wise now, though, know it. Do not plant a seed in your mind, if you do not wish to grow it
You're fast motion kept in focus
Cash calls some people worthless
But what's chess to Hocus Pocus
Pale folks' papas deemed what work is
The broken people ain't always the brokest
As for the Devil, show it. No ruler can size you
No ruler should rule you, but the one that never binds you
Realize too, All that will try you is designed to unwind you, define you, but you do get to decide if this tide will capsize you
The Devil's been lied to
The Devil can die, too

You can watch the whole performance here:


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