NFL Confidence Pools/Survivor Pick

Here are the confidence pool rankings for this week’s NFL slate. The one ranking I am a little leery of is New Orleans at home against Tampa. The Bucs have been the better team, but I’m sticking with the Saints on this only because the defense/home field. 15 New England 14 at Philadelphia 13 at Kansas City 12 at LA Chargers 11 Chicago 10 Minnesota 9 at Houston 8 at Carolina 7 at San Francisco 6 Baltimore 5 at Dallas 4 at Cincinnati 3 at New Orleans 2 at Tennessee 1 at Seattle Lot of folks got knocked out in … Continue reading NFL Confidence Pools/Survivor Pick

NFL Confidence Pool/Survivor Picks

15 Chargers 14 Rams 13 Patriots 12 Ravens 11 Colts 10 Chiefs 9 Seahawks 8 Texans 7 Falcons 6 Steelers 5 Packers 4 Broncos 3 Giants 2 Cowboys 1 Vikings For Survivor, it’s a “pick on the Dolphins” week again, as I’m taking the Chargers, even if the West Coast/11 a.m. kickoff thing is not ideal. I’m starting to think the Dolphins are going to be the team that eliminates the most Survivor players at some point this season, I just hope it is not this week. Continue reading NFL Confidence Pool/Survivor Picks

NFL Confidence Pools/Survivor Week 3

Here are this week’s NFL Confidence Pool rankings for straight-up pick ’em confidence pools 16 at New England 15 at Dallas 14 at Minnesota 13 at Green Bay 12 at Tampa Bay 11 at San Francisco 10 at Philadelphia 9 at Buffalo 8 at Kansas City 7 at Seattle 6 Chicago 5 at LA Chargers 4 at Arizona 3 Tennessee 2 at Indianapolis 1 LA Rams Priority rankings for survivor pools, depending on who you have already used would go like this: Dallas>New England>Minnesota>Green Bay>San Francisco>Tampa. I only say Dallas over New England because of future value. If you are … Continue reading NFL Confidence Pools/Survivor Week 3