2022 NFL Draft Bets

There was a long time I completely nerded out on the NFL draft. I was in a dynasty league that required it to be competitive. Since that league folded a few years back, coupled with years of ineptitude by Raiders’ drafters, I don’t dive all in on the draft as much as I use to. But that doesn’t stop me from firing bets off. Where would be the fun in that. I won’t have time to break down these, but did want to post my running log of NFL draft bets. These have been placed over the last couple of … Continue reading 2022 NFL Draft Bets

NFL Futures Check

We have just a couple of weeks to go in the regular season, so I am taking a look at my NFL Futures bets to see where i stand. Colts o8.5 wins hit. At 9-6 already. Broncos u10.5 hit. 8 losses already. Texans AFC South 14/1 is dead. Took this week 1 or 2, just in case that division turned out to be trash. And no, I can’t recall what the hell I was thinking. Chiefs SB 5/1 + ML Bonus: already in plus money. This was a $50 max bet, with $5 paid back for each regular season win. … Continue reading NFL Futures Check