Election Day Is Nigh

It has all led to this. Four years of whatever you consider this last four years to be. Most years, we would have a nearly concrete idea Tuesday evening who our next president is going to be. But as we have heard a million times in 2020, these are not normal times. So, let’s take a look at where we stand and what we can expect on Election Day. First, let’s start with National polling averages. 538 has Biden 53.4, Trump 45.4.Realclearpolitics has Biden 50.7, Trump 44.0.NYT Upshot just lists Biden +8. But, as we saw in 2016, National averages … Continue reading Election Day Is Nigh

The Politics of Pandemic Relief: A podcast

I’m not a huge fan of the NY Times, mostly due to Stenographer-In-Chief Haberman as well as their puff pieces along the order of “Are All Nazis Bad?” But, I still listen to The Daily, a (ahem) daily podcast typically built around one topic and spanning on average 30 minutes. Today’s episode covered the politics of the back-and-forth between the first and a possible second stimulus package. It covers the popularity and effectiveness of the first one (ignoring the long term ramifications), the hold up on the second, the additional federal supplement, the farce of the recent executive orders, and … Continue reading The Politics of Pandemic Relief: A podcast

How I’m Watching The First Debate

The short answer to the above headline is…probably on tape delay. I suckered my Pops into coming down tonight to help me with a couple electrical items in the house. As of this writing, I’m not sure what time we will be done. But, I wanted to post a couple of resources I typically use before the debates get going, just in case anyone wants to follow along “Weez Style” live. I typically watch the PBS version, not that the initial feed isn’t all the same. But, the immediate responses are generally pretty solid. I also typically follow the FiveThirtyEight … Continue reading How I’m Watching The First Debate

From Nuts To Millions, How To Amplify The Crazy

I regularly listen to On The Media from WNYC, a podcast about how news is covered, deeper looks at topics and themes, etc. It is often inside baseball, but I enjoy it quite a bit. This week, they featured on their feed the latest episode of Trump Inc. This episode was “All The President’s Memes”, which took a look at the Doral convention full of conspiracy whack jobs. You know, the one with the Trump/Kingsmen video mash-up. The episode is full of names I am unfortunately very familiar with, due to them getting retweeted or shared frequently by people who … Continue reading From Nuts To Millions, How To Amplify The Crazy

The Re-Election Economy

It’s not news that President Trump has had historically poor performance approval rates, running pretty consistently at net negative-10. That is despite overall good scores on the economy, where he scores a net positive-10. The argument could easily be made that poor approval rate would be catastrophically bad if those approval rates on the economy dipped. Which lends to the point that the biggest threat to the 2020 re-election campaign is not any of the democrats, but the economy. And there has been volatility in that regard lately, due in part to the continued trade war with China, a trade … Continue reading The Re-Election Economy