The Anti-Mutombo

Dikembe Mutombo had 3, 289 career blocks in the NBA. Not bad. Also, not good when applied to social media accounts. There are my career block stats. Not as prolific. Or, I understand that if i say something on social media, I may have to explain it, or defend it. If your block lists don’t look like that, I’d venture a guess it says ways more about you than it does about the person you blocked. Official disclaimer: Ladies, I get there are some creepers out there who absolutely need blocked. This does not apply to that scenario. Instead, it … Continue reading The Anti-Mutombo

Interesting Air: My Boy Has A New Album

Not my literal boy. I’m still too selfish for that. But, My Boy! Who? C’mon. If I’m going to sling tunes on this site, you know I’m starting with Tyler Childers. His live stuff has floated around for years. His 2017 album, Purgatory, was the best album of 2017, and I will probably fight you if you try to tell me otherwise. Seriously, protect your larynx if you come at me with that garbage. I kid, maybe. I mean, Feathered Indian was the couple’s first dance at my wedding, so, maybe not. On Friday, his second official studio album, Country … Continue reading Interesting Air: My Boy Has A New Album

Brunch: Amy’s On Franklin Style

The one day I could most often get out of town was Sundays, so Sunday brunch in Evansville became a thing once or twice a month for my wife and I. We had a rotation, but our favorite go-to was the Dapper Pig. So when Amy sold it, we were disappointed to hear that, but then delighted to here she sold it so she could open a new place, Amy’s On Franklin. We have been there once before, for dinner. That was before they had their full liquor license. We finally got there for brunch today, or whatever you call … Continue reading Brunch: Amy’s On Franklin Style

Weez Watched: Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood

I assume the ellipses are necessary. Probably…maybe. Caught the Sunday afternoon showing of Quentin Tarantino’s newest film, Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood at the AMC 16 in Evansville. Had a few drinks at brunch before hand, so I was ready to go full food coma, my favorite type of coma, before the movie started. Once it did, however, the yawns went away quickly, despite the typical slow start of a QT film. My favorite part of QT films is usually the witty conversations and banter between the main characters. His story lines generally don’t drive the movie for me. … Continue reading Weez Watched: Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood

It’s July, so let’s talk college football

One of the perils of being a prep sports writer was almost never having fall Saturdays free. Enter, my new job; which allows me weekends off. One of the things I am most looking forward to with this new found freedom is the return of college football to my life. The man cave is set. Five screens. Sports package is added to the Dish account. I. Am. Pumped. Even with my childhood favorite USC Trojans on the downswing hoping to right the ship under a coach I’m not confident in. So with that in mind. I have put together an … Continue reading It’s July, so let’s talk college football