Brunch: Amy’s On Franklin Style

The one day I could most often get out of town was Sundays, so Sunday brunch in Evansville became a thing once or twice a month for my wife and I. We had a rotation, but our favorite go-to was the Dapper Pig. So when Amy sold it, we were disappointed to hear that, but then delighted to here she sold it so she could open a new place, Amy’s On Franklin. We have been there once before, for dinner. That was before they had their full liquor license. We finally got there for brunch today, or whatever you call eating breakfast food at 1 p.m. on a Sunday.

Taking advantage of the full liquor license finally, the day started with a bloody mary for me, and a Mint To Be mimosa for Sarah. The bloody was solid. I prefer spicier, but am aware I like them spicier than most. The paprika or some other mild pepper in the salt rim was a nice touch. I actually kind of wonder if they used Tanjin. Sarah’s mimosa was very good, and I’m not even a grapefruit or mint fan. Both flavors were subtle enough. Would not be a go-to for me, but still solid.

Here is the full brunch menu. Several solid options. I actually had the hot brown stack for supper my first visit.

The brunch menu

Listen, if you put brisket in a breakfast meal, that is probably what I’m ordering. That is just how this works. This was no exception. Sarah got the burger benedict. Both were excellent. Excellent, I say.

Brisket hash
Burger benedict w/asparagus

And don’t think I left without having at least one craft beer. The freshly tapped Urban Artifact Key Lime Pie Keypunch gose. By the way, follow me on Untappd.

Key Lime Pie Keypunch

All in all, I’ve had supper and brunch here now. Both were excellent. Amy’s on Franklin will go into the Evansville rotation. It definitely gets the WSOA. Just make sure you make reservations on their site. You might get a seat without one, but the venue is long, narrow and popular right now. Reservations are easy enough on the site.


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