I know I’m a couple years behind on this one, but I just finished off season two of Mindhunter, on Netflix. Mindhunter is an FBI serial (see what I did there?) drama about the Behavioral Science Unit’s beginnings, starring King George and your Uncle Ted, the one who went to trade school after leaving the Coast Guard and wears short sleeve button ups with ties. You remember, Uncle Ted. The infinitely more interesting part of the show was the cadre of serial killers weaved in and out–from the Co-Ed Killer to Manson and Watson to Berkowitcz to Speck to BTK. … Continue reading Mindhunter

MLB Season Is Nigh…Win Totals Edition

Tonight is the return of the first games for one of the “Four Majors” since the Covid pandemic began. I’m sure it will be weird–no fans, no spitting (yeah right), etc–but a return nonetheless. In a shorted season with just 60 games, and no idea if this whole thing can stay on the rails or not, looking at futures and projections is, by and large, a futile exercise this year. You know, like the bench press. Anyway, I’m not above being futile. So, like I do every year, I sit down and average some of the projected win totals, along … Continue reading MLB Season Is Nigh…Win Totals Edition

A Craft Beer Oasis In A Small Town Desert, Or At Least Trying To Be

For a lot of years, I’ve called Fairfield the land that is an hour from anything. “Anything” has most certainly included craft beer. I’ve also more recently started referring to Jovalou as our little escape from Fairfield, right in the heart of downtown Fairfield. Some of the escapism comes from the staff, some from the higher quality of the food, and some from the people I usually congregate with there. But also, Nikki and crew try to offer something beyond the ordinary in regards to drink options. They do a ton of quality hand made cocktails, often using fresh produce. … Continue reading A Craft Beer Oasis In A Small Town Desert, Or At Least Trying To Be

Training Log: Kaizen, July 6-12, 2020

Running through my first Ditillo routine this week. I had to admit, this week was a butt kicker. That was a sharp uptick in both volume and intensity from the “building habits” phase I was in. Hammies were tight after Monday, and I’m playing with rack pin heights on the half squats and rack pulls. Still, it is fun to be pushing myself a little again. It’s good for my mental health to lift heavier. I am planning on repeating this training week, going for more reps on the max sets in week 2. This one is more legs and … Continue reading Training Log: Kaizen, July 6-12, 2020

Training Log: Kaizen June 29-July 5, 2020

Back in December, I sat down and worked out a plan for getting back in shape. That plan was pretty basic. Do a barbell movement daily, add an accessory movement, walk (alot), and mix in bodyweight movements for a bit of conditioning/hole filling. This was done daily. I kept it simple, because I wanted to build positive habits, that little bit of endorphin release as I checked off daily habits I knew would pay off in the long run. I could tell the weight loss was going well. I’m down 30 pounds since last fall. I’m down a few inches … Continue reading Training Log: Kaizen June 29-July 5, 2020

How To Make Me Want To Fight You

Anyone who follows me on social media knows I like to talk politics. I can do it all day. I was a history major for a while with a serious interest in political science before getting into the news industry. The old rule of thumb was you never discuss politics or religion in politics, public company. But, I can talk politics with people diametrically opposed to me and my blood pressure won’t often trickle up in the slightest. It happens on occasion, but not often. No, if you want to get my blood to boil, talk music with me. I … Continue reading How To Make Me Want To Fight You

Covid Resource Center

I’ve decided to start collecting my Covid-related inputs, whether it be graphs I check, podcasts I listen to, articles I read. These will not be only things I agree with, or disagree with, or whatever. I just wanted a place to document my inputs. Some will be from the health angle, or fitness angle, or political angle. Some with be a conversation within a greater conversation. Basically, these are not endorsements, but inputs. Instead of multiple posts, I am just going to “collect” here. 7-day Rolling Average of Deaths Per MillionsDaily confirmed new cases (5-day moving average)538 Covid Projection ModelsShare … Continue reading Covid Resource Center