I know I’m a couple years behind on this one, but I just finished off season two of Mindhunter, on Netflix.

Mindhunter is an FBI serial (see what I did there?) drama about the Behavioral Science Unit’s beginnings, starring King George and your Uncle Ted, the one who went to trade school after leaving the Coast Guard and wears short sleeve button ups with ties. You remember, Uncle Ted.

Courtesy: Netflix

The infinitely more interesting part of the show was the cadre of serial killers weaved in and out–from the Co-Ed Killer to Manson and Watson to Berkowitcz to Speck to BTK. We are not going to dive into why I find these guys more fascinating than the mains. Nope, not gonna do it. But let’s be honest, we should go back and have Damon Herriman replay every recorded footage of people portraying Manson. I did appreciate the humor of the one guy they were most excited to see basically being a one-off episode.

Courtesy: Netflix

As for the actual show, season one was much more strong than season two. Season one explored a little more, while the sophomore season was more straight-forward machinations. They pretty much made you despite damn near every character in the show–Holden for the smugness, and the dropped anxiety thing; Wendy for treating her partner like shit, even if the scorn was real; and Nancy for the entire Brian storyline.

A season three has been delayed, if it even happens, and I’ll admit it won’t be crushing if they make another season. If they do, I will watch, if nothing else just to see how the BTK story climaxes (sorry, I had to).

Up next: Wu Assassins.


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