Lady Mules Look To Follow In Footsteps With New Cast

A lot of teams can point to the 2021 sports season and wonder what if? It could be the next Marvel season on Disney Plus. Case in point: Chet Snyder’s Fairfield Lady Mules volleyball squad. An experienced and talented group went 21-3 on the year. Their only 2A loss on the year was a road defeat at Carmi with two starters out. Still, they never got a chance to test their mettle in the playoffs with the Covid-shortened season. “Talent-wise, that was my team with the most potential to make a run, yes. It was a crazy spring. We played … Continue reading Lady Mules Look To Follow In Footsteps With New Cast

Expectations Again High For Mules Coming Off Undefeated Season

When Justin Townsend took over as the head coach for the Fairfield Mules football team 21 years ago, they were coming off three straight 1-8 seasons. A realistic goal was to simply be more competitive. Wins were an afterthought. They won the first game of his first year, matching their win totals from previous three years in the first game. And it would be nice if that was a turning point, and the Mules were an instant powerhouse.  But, no, the evolution was slower than that. “In that first year, when we won our week-one opener, you would have thought … Continue reading Expectations Again High For Mules Coming Off Undefeated Season

Writer’s Writers, The Music Edition

I have a pretty set listening habit I go through daily. I listen to one chapter of an audiobook, then rate five new songs, then spend the rest of the day on podcasts. So. Many. Podcasts. All at 2x, which drives my wife nuts. The one exception to this daily habit, however, is when I’m writing lengthier pieces for the paper. Tonight’s example: a preview of the Lady Mules volleyball season. I can write gamer’s or process pictures and listen to podcasts or new music about any time, but when I need to get into a creative zone, I either … Continue reading Writer’s Writers, The Music Edition

Let’s Get Reel: Boys State

Covering American Legion baseball for several years, I always got invited to the end-of-year awards dinner, held at the local Legion post. It was usually a pizza party and then awards were handed out to the team. For most of the time I attended this event, it also served as a chance for the girls the Legion post sponsored for Girls State in Charleston to speak on their experience there. I always enjoyed that aspect. Most of the time, the girls did not get into much detail, but I have always had an interest in politics, locally and beyond, so … Continue reading Let’s Get Reel: Boys State

College Football Power Ratings, Preseason

With the college football season just a couple of weeks ago, it it time to release the IAW power ratings. We have switched things up slightly this year. In previous years, the PR number was equalized to where the top team was a 0, and then the teams below had a PR equal to what they would be underdogs by against the top team. This year, we are flipping that to more mirror what people are accustomed to–higher number means better team. The power rating is still equalized relative to the top team, but now the numbers would be subtracted … Continue reading College Football Power Ratings, Preseason

Book Nook: 12 Practices of a Real Champion

My wife Sarah and I actually read a fair amount of the same books. We have largely different personalities, but largely overlapping interests. Hey, we make it work. A few months ago, she attended a work-related training with a guest speaker, Steve Thomas. He gave out little books to the attendees. My interest was piqued when she said he was an assistant coach for Sacred Heart Griffin football. Any old sports reporter in my parts is automatically going to know the connotations of success that go with that distinction. Five state titles and four runner-up finishes since 1995 alone. So, … Continue reading Book Nook: 12 Practices of a Real Champion