Some Of The Best Jam Bands Are Live Streaming Free This Weekend

I need to check my personal email more often. Just noticed this was in my inbox: I missed Isbell this afternoon. And got tuned in for the end of Gov’t Mule. I’ll be drifting in and out of this youtube link all weekend now. “Featuring Allman Brothers Band, The Black Crowes, Charles Bradley, Furthur with Trey Anastasio, Gov’t Mule with Ann Wilson, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Steel Pulse, Trey Anastasio Band with Derek Trucks, Widespread Panic, Margo Price, Zac Brown Incident, and many more!” Continue reading Some Of The Best Jam Bands Are Live Streaming Free This Weekend

Charles Schwab Challenge Bets

I meant to get this posted last night, but got to hanging out with a friend until fairly late, ironically enough at the local golf course. The Charles Schwab this year feels big. It’s not most years, but it serves as a benchmark this year as the return of sports continues to trickle along. It gives this tournament somewhat of a Major feel. I even considered putting together a Pick 5 group like we often do for Majors. That being said, I have some action on the tournament this weekend. Most of these are off the board already. Sorry about … Continue reading Charles Schwab Challenge Bets

Setting Aside One Of My Natural Tendencies, Or At Least Trying To

I am a judgmental asshole. I know this. I don’t even try to work on that often, even knowing it is a big weak area I have. It is my natural inclination. It is a lot of our natural inclinations. I’m just a little more up front with it than most, I think. Which has probably enabled me to get away with more of than I should, if we were to dig deep into the “oh, that is just Weez being Weez” mindset. Watching the world on fire this week, I have been conscious of this tendency. I made the … Continue reading Setting Aside One Of My Natural Tendencies, Or At Least Trying To

Training Log: Kaizen, May 25-31, 2020

Monday, May 25, 2020 Walk SPSPH 3×10 Rickshaw Carry 6x 25 yards x 165#, Every 90 seconds Jog .04 Mobility: BSquat / Super P-lates (356) / Olympic wall squat with IR bias Article: The Memorial Day Murph Experience Podcast: Primal Blueprint–Robert Glazer Tuesday, May 26, 2020 Walk 2.69 Miles 4x 3RAPGD + 3RAPG Squat 5×95, 4×135, 2×225, 1×275, 1×315, 3x5x325 Side Planks 3x 21 seconds each side Podcast: Strength & Scotch: The Health Benefits of Getting OutdoorsPodcast: Salty Talk: Two Hacks for Atherosclerosis Wednesday, May 27, 2020 Walk 3.04 Miles Jog .05 Miles SPSPH 3×10 Bench 10×45, 5×95, 4×135, 3×165, … Continue reading Training Log: Kaizen, May 25-31, 2020

Fab (Thirty) Five Friday–Oppression and Understanding

I had four of my five videos for my weekly feature picked out this morning. But, as I watch the news all day from Minneapolis, and see some truly disheartening Facebook comments this week, my mind has drifted to things I am incapable of feeling. Things the people who don’t look like me are talking about. Things that have been there for years, no matter how much those of us on Caucasian Island want to pretend they are not. Those who know me, most of my feeling, and a good amount of thought processing, is done through music. So, I … Continue reading Fab (Thirty) Five Friday–Oppression and Understanding