Gym Motivation–The Video Series

I’m a sucker for loud, bumping music when I lift. Anyone who sees my instagram videos knows that. The music varies from rock to pop to hip hop. As long as it bumps, grooves or soars. Or as Tommy Haverford would say, “Is it a banger?” But I’ve also become a fan of a particular youtube genre for my workouts. No, not that one. I’m talking about the gym motivation super clips. The videos of speeches, workouts, inspiring images all spliced together. Guys yelling loudly about their success and how they achieved it. I’ll admit. I’m a sucker for them. … Continue reading Gym Motivation–The Video Series

Training Log–April 6-12, 2020

Another week of progress. Monday, April 6, 2020 SPSPH 2×10, 1×8 Airdyne Sprints :20 on/:40 off 6x 1.65 miles Mobility: BSquat / Theragun Quads/Adductors Walk: 2.56 miles Tuesday, April 7, 2020 SPSPH 2×10, 1×9 Deadlifts 5×135, 4×185, 3×225, 5×275 Ab Wheel 4, 4, 4 Walk 2.7 miles Back in the day (yeah, I’m old enough I can say that now), I would watch bodybuilding DVDs or VHSs before heading to the gym. Arnold, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, or my personal favorite, Flex Wheeler. I still yell Ronnieisms like “lightweight”, “ain’t nothing to it but do do it” and “everybody wanna … Continue reading Training Log–April 6-12, 2020