Training Log–April 6-12, 2020

Another week of progress.

Monday, April 6, 2020

SPSPH 2×10, 1×8

Airdyne Sprints :20 on/:40 off 6x 1.65 miles

Mobility: BSquat / Theragun Quads/Adductors

Walk: 2.56 miles

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

SPSPH 2×10, 1×9

Deadlifts 5×135, 4×185, 3×225, 5×275

Ab Wheel 4, 4, 4

Seriously hate this thing. Going to have to do it more often.

Walk 2.7 miles

Back in the day (yeah, I’m old enough I can say that now), I would watch bodybuilding DVDs or VHSs before heading to the gym. Arnold, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, or my personal favorite, Flex Wheeler. I still yell Ronnieisms like “lightweight”, “ain’t nothing to it but do do it” and “everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, nobody wanna lift this heavy ass weight” when I work out. And, yeah I full admit I no long move the weight that justifies these proclamations. I’m not going to let some detail like that stop me from having fun. I’m alone in my basement, afterall.

Well, I have no clue where those DVDs are. Or even my DVD player. This is 2020 after all. So, on Tuesday, I felt like bro-ing out before deadlifts, so I hopped on Youtube and tried looking for the old Ronnie documentaries. I couldn’t find the old documentaries I had, but I did find some short highlight packages I watched. Bro season, bro.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

SPSPH 3×10 9:02

Press 8×45, 5×95, 3×115, 1×135, 3x5x145

Hip Thrusters 3x10x70

Walk 2.85 miles

While Tuesday’s pre-workout videos were mostly just manly meat market in video form, it did lead me down a “gym motivation” video wormhole. That landed me on the works of the Mulligan Brothers, who have put together several compilation videos of motivational speakers, dudes screaming in their instagram and so on. It is mindset reminders set over sweeping music. And I am here for this kind of stuff. The Rock, Dave Goggins, CT Fletcher, Arnold, Rogan, etc., all in highlight package. Bro season, bro. This actually became what I had on the gym speakers during my workouts the rest of the week. Yes, Sarah made fun of me for this. I deserve it. Also, I work out alone in my basement, so, whatever. My list, my rules, remember.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Mobility: BSQuat / Saddle

20 Jumping Jacks

Pistol/Dip/Toes2Bar/Pullup Att/GH Raise 1x

Snatch 5×65, 4×85, 3×105, 5x1x125

Close Grip Bench 10×95, 10×115, 10×125

Friday, April 10, 2020

Mobility: BSquat / Saddle / Calves / Couch Stretch / Theragun Glutes

SPSPH 3×10 8:03

Rickshaw Farmer Carry Every 90 seconds 25-yards 7x

Cosmo, my training partner in the driveway.

I have been giving some thought to including videos, articles and podcast I consume that are health related in these posts, on the days I consume them. I’m experimenting a bit here. Roll with me.

I’ve been using a to-do list for a while now called Wunderlist. They recently got bought out by Microsoft and is getting morphed into Microsoft’s To-Do app. So today, I worked on switching over. One of the tabs I have is a Watch list. In it were some links to old videos I would throw in to check out at a later date. Two of the older ones in the list were a Power Athlete feature by Train Heroic, and a note that just said check out Athlean-X’s videos. So, I did that today. Or, at least a couple Athlean-X videos. They have thousands.

Podcast: The Healthy Rebellion Radio with Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti Episode 24–Keto Amenorrhea, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Diabetes.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

21 Jumping Jacks

3 Rev. Lunges, 1 each: pullup, ab wheel, GH raise, Dip

Squats 5×45, 4×135, 3×185, 2×225, 1×275, 3x5x285

DB Rows 3x10x50

Walk: 3.08 miles

Sunday, April 12, 2020

SPSPH 3×10 7:16

Bench 10×45, 5×95, 4×135, 2×155, 1×175, 3x5x185

Dip Stand Knee Raises 3×10

Mobility: Chest stretch w/rings / OH Band Side Lat / BSquat

5K 56:55

Every now and then, I do virtual 5Ks, signing up for medals from This one was a Game of Thrones medal with the quote “What do we say to the god of death? Not today”, a line from Aria’s sword instructor, which is just a badass line. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Wounded Warrior project. Just a little extra incentive to get out and move more than usual.


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