Gym Motivation–The Video Series

I’m a sucker for loud, bumping music when I lift. Anyone who sees my instagram videos knows that. The music varies from rock to pop to hip hop. As long as it bumps, grooves or soars. Or as Tommy Haverford would say, “Is it a banger?”

But I’ve also become a fan of a particular youtube genre for my workouts. No, not that one.

I’m talking about the gym motivation super clips. The videos of speeches, workouts, inspiring images all spliced together. Guys yelling loudly about their success and how they achieved it. I’ll admit. I’m a sucker for them. They are, by and large, all similar. Orchestral strings, soaring through the rafters in my basement gym, competing with the box fan roaring along the ground. And guys like Arnold, Goggins, The Rock, et al telling (yelling) at you to not give up, to fight through adversity and be the champion you know you are.

I generally have these going during my warmup and warmup sets. Once I get to my heavier work sets, I will switch over to shuffle play in my workout folder, then go back to these as I continue on to my accessory work.

So, with that in mind, I thought I would start collecting some of these here on this page. Consider this a playlist you just happen to be able to see. Feel free to check back later, as I plan on adding to this page as I work my way through the youtube rabbit hole.

As for the music in my workout lists, I need to post those sometime down the road. I have several playlists for that too. Because of course I do.


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