Preseason Betting

The NFL preseason kicks into high gear tonight with 11 preseason games. Most will tell you not to bet preseason games. I would say the same if you are a casual bettor. But, the pros will tell you it is … Continue reading Preseason Betting

It’s July, so let’s talk college football

One of the perils of being a prep sports writer was almost never having fall Saturdays free. Enter, my new job; which allows me weekends off. One of the things I am most looking forward to with this new found freedom is the return of college football to my life. The man cave is set. Five screens. Sports package is added to the Dish account. I. Am. Pumped. Even with my childhood favorite USC Trojans on the downswing hoping to right the ship under a coach I’m not confident in. So with that in mind. I have put together an … Continue reading It’s July, so let’s talk college football