Preseason Betting

The NFL preseason kicks into high gear tonight with 11 preseason games. Most will tell you not to bet preseason games. I would say the same if you are a casual bettor. But, the pros will tell you it is actually easier to best preseason game, if you pay attention. For the casual fans, I’d say stay away unless you are trailing a pro you trust. Even then, normal betting thought applies. I am not one of those guys good enough to tail. That being said, I have Oakland -5, Buffalo +2.5 and NY Jets -2.5 in week one.

What I do like looking at in the preseason is the over/under win totals, division favorites and such. I already have a few bets in.


New Orleans Saints Under 10.5 wins
Cleveland Browns Under 9 wins
Denver Broncos Under 7 wins
Pittsburgh +175 to win NFL North. Kind of correlates with the Cleveland Under pick above.


Wisconsin Under 8.5
Jake Fromm to win the Heisman +1500

Would Bet

I don’t have access to college over/unders for a lot of teams, but have several I also like there if you do. I’ve been building this list for a couple weeks as well, so not all numbers may be available still.
Syracuse Over 6.5 wins
Virginia Over 7 wins
Texas Under 9.5 wins
Auburn Under 8 wins
Purdue Under 7.5
Michigan State Over 7.5 wins

Happy hunting peeps. Football is almost back, baby!

Update: Added 8/13
NFL: Chicago Under 9.5 wins
College: Washington Under 9.5 wins


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