Mike Trout Watch

No, this is not a post telling you to watch Mike Trout. Although, yes. As often as possible, yes. No, this post is what has become one of my favorite Opening Day exercices of the last few years. Where does Mike Trout rank in career WAR, and how many Hall of Famers will he pass this year. So, as of opening day, the Angels outfielder is sitting at 74.1 career WAR. That is already good enough to rank 81st all time, in 10 seasons, at the age of 28. The most recent Hall of Famers in his rearview mirror, despite … Continue reading Mike Trout Watch

My Favorite A’s

With the passing of Bob Gibson, Will Leitch, most famous for being from Mattoon, put together his list of his all-time favorite St. Louis Cardinals. He had Gibson at number one. Not a surprise for men of my age or slightly older. Surprisingly, Rick Ankiel was number two on his list. He admitted it was Gibson and then no one was close for number two. Seeing the list, however, got me thinking about my favorite Oakland Athletics. My list is similar. It is Rickey Henderson and then every one else. Still. Putting in as little thought as possible, here is … Continue reading My Favorite A’s