Take The Points–Oct. 23, 2020

Here is this week’s episode of Take The Points, on Wabash TV. Bruce and Weez this week. 0:00–Intro, community calendar, national holidays 16:23–College Football, Big Ten is back! 25:39–Big Ten standings predictions WeezEast: Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Indiana, Michigan … Continue reading Take The Points–Oct. 23, 2020

My Favorite A’s

With the passing of Bob Gibson, Will Leitch, most famous for being from Mattoon, put together his list of his all-time favorite St. Louis Cardinals. He had Gibson at number one. Not a surprise for men of my age or slightly older. Surprisingly, Rick Ankiel was number two on his list. He admitted it was Gibson and then no one was close for number two. Seeing the list, however, got me thinking about my favorite Oakland Athletics. My list is similar. It is Rickey Henderson and then every one else. Still. Putting in as little thought as possible, here is … Continue reading My Favorite A’s

MLB Season Is Nigh…Win Totals Edition

Tonight is the return of the first games for one of the “Four Majors” since the Covid pandemic began. I’m sure it will be weird–no fans, no spitting (yeah right), etc–but a return nonetheless. In a shorted season with just 60 games, and no idea if this whole thing can stay on the rails or not, looking at futures and projections is, by and large, a futile exercise this year. You know, like the bench press. Anyway, I’m not above being futile. So, like I do every year, I sit down and average some of the projected win totals, along … Continue reading MLB Season Is Nigh…Win Totals Edition

Take The Points In Review: MLB Over/Unders

Back in April, the Take The Points crew gave out our eight favorite baseball season win total bets of the year each. So on the final day of the regular season, it was time to go back and see how we did. Overall, we did pretty well, with everyone winning at least four of the eight, and two of us going 7-1. Weez Arizona O75.5 Win Atlanta O86.5 Win Baltimore U59.5 Win Houston O96.5 Win Philadelphia O89.5 Loss San Francisco O73.5 Win Tampa Bay O84.5 Win Toronto U74.5 Win (7-1) Lucas Atlanta U86.5 Loss Chi Cubs U88.5 Win Houston O96.5 … Continue reading Take The Points In Review: MLB Over/Unders

Take The Points 8-15-19

Time for the weekly edition of Take The Points on Wabash Catch TV, airing Friday mornings on Wabash and live on Youtube. On the show this week were Bruce, Jamey, Lucas and Weez. This week’s show:0:00–Intro/Community Events/National Holidays15:55–Local sports gambling options coming online, including the new sportsbook at the Tropicana Evansville. 25:30–SEC season win total over/unders39:30–Big 10 season win totals52:40–MLB talk SEC Over/Under Picks SEC East Bruce Jamey Weez Lucas Vanderbilt 4.5 Under Under Under Under Kentucky 6.5 Over Under Under Under Tennessee 6.5 Over Over Over Over South Carolina 5.5 Over Over Under Over Missouri 8.5 Under Under Over … Continue reading Take The Points 8-15-19

Take The Points 8-2-19

As some of you may know, Wabash Catch TV does a weekly sports talk show in the Friday morning slot of Big Talk with Bruce Dickey. I am a mostly regular guest on the show. We put zero show prep work into it, we shoot it live, we typically decide during commercial breaks what we are going to talk about next (sorry Bruce, probably wasn’t supposed to admit that), and I thoroughly enjoy it every time. Just a few buddies sitting around jibbering and jaberring about what ever comes to mind. This week’s show:Community events–2:11National Holidays–Ice Cream Sandwich, IPA Day, … Continue reading Take The Points 8-2-19