Take The Points–Nov. 13, 2020

Here is this week’s episode of Take The Points, on Wabash TV. Well, sort of. No show once again this week. We should be back next week.

Season To Date Best Bet Results

Weez: NCAA 9-7, NFL 8-9, Overall 17-16 Superdog 26.5.
Bruce: NCAA 10-7, NFL 9-9, Overall 19-16, Superdog 10.5.
Jamey: NCAA 9-9, NFL 11-7, Overall 20-16, Superdog 22.5.
Lucas: NCAA 10-8, NFL 8-10, Overall 18-18, Superdog 27.
Overall: NCAA 38-31, NFL 36-35, Overall 74-67.

This Week’s Best Bets

NFL49ers +9.5Dolphins -1.5Browns -3 (Push)Giants +3.5
NFLBucs -5Broncos +4Seahawks +2Ravens -7
NCAAArmy +2.5Wisconsin -4West Va -3.Boise St.
NCAAIowa O30.5Purdue +2.5ULL -16Boise St. O
SuperdogColorado +7.5Michigan +4.5
College: 6-2, NFL 3-5, Overall 9-7.

Remember, Take The Points…fade the picks.

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Bruce Dickey
Lucas Vaughan


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